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The Avengers go for a night out!
Just a fun harmless story about the Avengers living in Midguard trying to act like normal people, which for them is next to impossible! (WARNING! I did not write this I will however put the links of the original stories in the ...
23 reads 7 readers 3 by Stars_In_The_Sky
Funny Things to Do in Wal Mart
Next time you go to Wal Mart, go ahead and try these things out. Their fun.
79 reads 54 readers 31 by dezzylarson
Funny Things to Do In an Elevator
Have you ever gone into an elevator? Here are some things that can make your ride more interesting!
103 reads 72 readers 27 by dezzylarson
The Complete Random Things to Do Guide
so I've written several other stories on random things to do. I've decided to put them all in one, plus extra, to make it a lot easier. This story is full of hilarious things that you could do (but I wouldn't suggest doing mo...
33 reads 25 readers 10 by dezzylarson
Dumb Questions to Ask
You know how when a speaker finishes his speech and he always asks if there are any questions? Here you go Mr. Speaker.
55 reads 40 readers 20 profile storyby dezzylarson
Percy Jackson One-Shots
Just Percy Jackson randomness or fluffiness. Hope you like it! *All the character goes to Rick Riordan. Only the plot belongs to me
6 reads 4 readers 3 profile storyby Evil_Espressos
The Gift Exchange (Short Sad Story!)
Mrs. Thompson is worried about one of her students; Teddy. Then she discovers something truly sad and they make it beautiful again.
40 reads 38 readers 13 by becca01thebest
Hi peoples! So. I'm currently working on a book I plan on publishing and I guess I just thought that I'd include a prologue and first chapter on here. Tell me what you think!
49 reads 30 readers 8 by vive_la_revolution
Hunger Games song
HEHEHEH!! Read please!! i totally love doing this now :D hope you like! enjoy! whatever!
62 reads 58 readers 12 by GlowingAndFading
My songs!
I have wrote some songs my self, some people liked it so I wrote more.please check it out... and please comment
36 reads 14 readers 2 by kindperson
Poetry (2)
Not so much as a 'story' but giving some 'poetry' that's been made over the few years XP
6 reads 3 readers 0 profile storyby Deviant_lover
The Big Four
(I know; the most original title ever -- not) This is my fanfic of the Big Four. I've been working on it for a long time, and have it saved elsewhere, but I'm only going to release a few chapters at a time. If I get enough posi...
111 reads 31 readers 2 by vive_la_revolution