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If you could have ONLY have 3 wishes, what would they be?
You can wish for anything except to have MORE THAN 3 wishes!
35 / 28 by Lovelyperson
Has anyone read the Septimus Heap series?
jenna, beetle, septimus, lucy, simon, nicko, snorry, syara? ringin' any bells?
3 / 0 profile questionby reyna
What's the most obsessive fandom to you, dear friends?
Me, can't decide. FNAF and Creepypasta are tied. Fangirls constantly fight over who's hotter, Jeffy-kun or Slender. The fandoms would be cool without the OBSESSIVE fans living in Mama's basement.
9 / 9 by ThreeCheersForSweetBrownies
Who do you think is the best actor / actress?
What makes you the happiest person?
How many fandoms are you in? What are they?
Just wondering the average number of fandoms per person and the most popular ones. ^.^
9 / 12 by vive_la_revolution
Qfeast fans: What features would you like to see added next?
We can make Qfeast better than everything else!
288 / 1121 by qfeast
A Song For Your Life
If you had one song to describe your life/personality, what song would it be?
17 / 1 by Celest_Stories
Describe Qfeast in one word.
40 / 112 by breann.west.5
Do you think swear words are necessary?
This question has bothered me since the age of 7. What do you think?
170 / 369 by MMMMMMM6
What would the world be like if the leader of the gods was Hestia instead of Zeus?
the world would be peaceful, happy and awesome but instead we have Mr thunder brain
4 / 0 by hqwjqwihduwjdfakld
Are you Team Peeta or Gale?
15 / 30 by BYUcheerleader
Who had a Miracle happen to them?
I am making a lil Miracle book on amazing things that happened to people! Does anyone have anything exciting to share?
11 / 25 by Miss.Red
if u only had 1 pick of food to eat for the rest of ur life, what would u pick?
make sure u add in why and how long it took u to find ur answer. ppl like details, but if u cant find out why, iz ok. enjoy thinking!
18 / 17 by brittsthekiss
what is your favorite word?
3 / 0 by MeowMeowMarta
If you could change your name... what would your name be?
Please only your first name... not trying to be a stalker :3
95 / 101 by WhatUdoin
I got an idea! Opinions?
I came up with an idea since all of the dragons were recently transformed into mobians that I should write a story about it! It'll be called Mobian Chaos or Chaotic Life I dunno yet x3 If you want to read the plot feel free to ...
0 / 0 profile questionby LordExplosionMurder
Why people like to judge ?
Every single person in this planet has a story. Don't judge them before you truly know them. The truth might suprise you.
2 / 0 by Syera