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  • We'll miss you, @RainbowGalaxy
    I LOVE musicals, books and movies.
    I'm a Glader (I'm in the MAZE RUNNER fandom) and a demigod (PJO, HoO). I also love Marvel.
    Friends in school and hagwon: @Evil_Espressos, @spear_of_justice
    -When the Darkness Comes by Colbie Caillat
    -Pass Me By by R5
    -Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
    -It's Time by Imagine Dragons
    -At the Beginning by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis
    -Heart Attack by Demi Lovato
    -Anything by Taylor Swift
    -Anything by Owl City
    Wonderful people on Qfeast (of course there are many more awesome people on Qfeast but the people in the list are 5 of the most awesome people I know on Qfeast):
    @girly43. She is a creative and skilled writer and is very nice.
    @tomboysquirrel. She is very nice and cheerful.
    @Dauntless_Demigod. She is also very nice and cheerful!
    @Rebel_Fangirl. She is a wonderful writer and is very faithful (Christian). She is also very nice
    @Dracorex. She is very cheerful and nice.
    @TsumikiMiniwa. She is a wonderful fangirl!
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  • Born on March 20, 2003
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