My songs!

My songs!

I have wrote some songs my self, some people liked it so I wrote more.please check it out... and please comment

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Chapter 1.
my heart is open

my heart is open

''my heart is open..
my wings are up..

night is gone,
the day is up

(fast music)  

i'm ready to reach it up the sky.

my heart is open, my wings are up.

its time to fly.
its time to fly

i'm free (long)
to reach it up to the sky(long)
to reach it up to the sky (long)

to make it a perfect sky...(fast)
to make it a perfect sky....(fast)

forgot your self,
forgot your worries,
forgot your tears (slow)

(fast music)
and its time to fly...
to make it a perfect sky...(long)

to change the dark into light(fast)
to bring back the shine (fast)
to live your own life (fast)

i'm ready to fly(slow)
i'm ready to fly (so slow)''
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Comments (2)

The first one is the best!
Thanks a lot
on October 09, 2015
on October 09, 2015