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my tears chased me to death
this story is my 6th story.this story is about me, my stepsister Jacqueline, my foster parents (were not alive), and a jerk (jack).my foster parents don't love me. they love Jacqueline more them me. then what happened in the en...
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My songs!
I have wrote some songs my self, some people liked it so I wrote more.please check it out... and please comment
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My heart
this story is about me and Kevin about Valentine's day,hope you will like it.please comment and vote.
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Haunted room
its a story of a haunted room,please read and enjoy..i write it my self
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chasing life
this is a story of a girl who was very rich first...her find out read!
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this story is about a girl,she lives in a small house with her little sister Emily,and a old mother please read;)
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a wish (1)
no no no no... this story is not about me or my any wish this is my first story
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