My heart

My heart

this story is about me and Kevin about Valentine's day,hope you will like it.please comment and vote.

published on July 22, 201523 reads 10 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


after finishing the dinner,i took a bath and wear my night suite.Keven was busy on phone.i went in the room and start waiting after 5 min Kevin came in the room.''i was waiting for you?''
''sorry honey''Kevin said and he repose on the bed
''ugh''and i also lay down on the bed.i was so angry on Kevin and start pulling the blanket

i knocked the door of washroom door and said''Kevin you are in there for half an hour,.come out breakfast is ready''i said
''coming dear''
i then sat on the chair and start waiting of him.
he came after 5 min
''sorry for the last night actually i was felling so sleepy,that's why i didn't noticed you''kevin said
''Np dear''i said while passing the glass of juice to Kevin
''okay,i'm late,bye''Kevin took his bag
''can you please came home soon,i will order pizza and then we will watch movie tonight at home,okay?''
''okay,i will try my best''Kevin said and hugged me
''bye''we both waved our hands
(we love each other so much)
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good idea
on July 31, 2015
on July 22, 2015