The Complete Random Things to Do Guide

The Complete Random Things to Do Guide

so I've written several other stories on random things to do. I've decided to put them all in one, plus extra, to make it a lot easier. This story is full of hilarious things that you could do (but I wouldn't suggest doing most of them).

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The Complete Random Things to do Guide

Random Things to Do...        Destiny Larson

In Wal-Mart
1)        Put a Dora doll in the middle of Wal-Mart.  If someone tries to pick it up, scream, “SWIPER, NO SWIPING!”
2)        Dress up as a gorilla, then go into Wal-Mart and but a cartful of bananas.
3)        Go to Wal-Mart.  Make a trail of apple juice that leads to the bathroom
4)        Dress up like a leprechaun and run around Wal-Mart with a box of Lucky Charms.
5)        Pretend to pass out in Wal-Mart.  When someone tries to help, scream, “I WAS SLEEPING!” and run away.
6)        Try to buy a single grape.
7)        Buy bird seed, and then ask the cashier how long it will take the birds to grow.
8)        Congratulate everyone who comes out of the bathroom.
9)        Ride on a shopping cart screaming, “THE BRITISH ARE COMING!”
10)        Go into Wal-Mart, scream at the grapes, throw them on the floor, and then calmly walk away.
11)        Get three people to dress like Pac-man and run around Wal-Mart.
12)        “Make “No Dumping- Violators Will Be Prosecuted” signs and put them in Wal-Mart bathroom stalls.
13)        Hold up a box of Cheerios and scream, “DONUT SEEDS!”
In a Crowded Place
1)        Whisper to a random person, “I just crapped my pants,” then walks away casually.
2)        Put a cookie in a glass of milk.  When it sinks, scream, “MY COOKIE DROWNED!” then cry.
3)        Draw a face on an egg, put it on a wall, push it off and scream, “HUMPTY, NO!”
4)        Attempt to glue yourself to the ceiling.  If you succeed, spit on people as they walk by.
5)        Throw a book in someone’s face and scream, “YOU”VE BEEN FACEBOOKED!”
6)        Draw a circle on the floor.  Whenever someone enters it, start screaming.
7)        Blow up a balloon.  Then ask someone to pop it.  When they do, start screaming.
8)        Scream, “DUCK!” and see how everyone reacts.
9)        During a soccer game, steal the ball, then run away screaming, “I WIN!”
10)        Stand on a staircase in the mall and scream, “THE ESCALATOR”S BROKEN!”
11)        Run out of the zoo screaming, “I”M FREE!”

On The Road
1)        Attack a bus with a banana.
2)        Sit in a car and point a hairdryer at people driving by.  See who slows down.
3)        Buy a cup in the Burger King drive-thru.  Then go to McDonald’s and ask for a refill.
4)        Go to a drive-thru and try to order a single French fry.
5)        Put a note on the Drive-thru speaker that says, “Speaker broken.  Please yell.”
6)        Copy what the traffic enforcer is doing.  After a while ask him why he’s copying you.
7)        Go through a drive-thru.  When they ask if they can take your order, scream, “NO!” then drive away.
8)        Wear scuba gear while driving and stare at the people next to you at stoplights.
9)        Make a cardboard car and wait in line at the carwash, acting like everything is normal.

In Your Neighborhood
1)        Climb up a tree and throw meatballs at people.
2)        Buy a pair of granny underwear.  Then give it to a neighbor and tell them, “You left this in your driveway.”
3)        Run up to someone on the street and slap them with a loaf of bread.
4)        Ride a tricycle past a cop while drinking a juice box.  Scream, “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME!”
5)        Make lost pet signs for your ant and put them on mailboxes, car windshields, and doors.
6)        Put up a lost dog sign with a picture of a cat on it.
7)        Vacuum the lawn.
8)        Tie a rock to a string and take it for a walk.  Every now and then, yell, “Bad boy, Fluffy!”
9)        Put a post-it note that says, “I know where you live,” in everyone’s mailbox.
10)        Put a Walkie-Talkie in a gnome and scream at people who walk by.
11)        Put a Walkie-Talkie in your mailbox.  When the mailman comes, scream.
12)        Sell only soda at your lemonade stand.
13)        On Halloween, dress up like Santa Claus.  When someone answers the door, sing Christmas carols.
14)        Go Trick-or-Treating on Christmas.
15)        Run up to an old man with a long white beard.  Hug him and scream, “DUMBLEDORE!  YOU’RE ALIVE!”
16)        Tell a cop that someone stole your potato.
17)        Knock on all the doors on your street.  When they answer, scream, “THEY’RE COMING!”
18)        Dress up like a chicken and cross the road.
19)        Tell everyone you meet that someone is following you.  Then point at your shadow.
20)        Run up to a stop sign and scream at it to go.
21)        Tell someone that their sock is untied.  See if they look down.

In a Restaurant
1.        Ask everyone coming out of a Chinese Restaurant, “Are you a ninja warrior?”
2.        Dress up like Mario and go into a Italian restaurant.  See what happens.
3.        Ask for water, then complain that it’s too wet and send it back.
4.        Ask for French fries.  When they come, complain they have too much potato.
5.        Call a donut place and say, “I have a complaint.  My donut has a hole in it.
6.        Buy an ice cream.  Then ask the cashier if he believes in unicorns and squish the cone on your forehead.
7.        Ask for a sad meal at McDonalds.
8.        Go to Pizza Hut.  Then call Dominoes and ask them to deliver a pizza to you.
9.        Order a Happy Meal with extra Happy.

In an Elevator
1.        Put a desk in an elevator.  Whenever someone gets on, ask if they have an appointment.
2.        Every time someone gets on the elevator, start screaming.
3.        Sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” while pushing the floor buttons.
4.        Try to start a sing-along on the elevator.
5.        Open a purse or suitcase and ask, “You got enough air in there, Charlie?”
6.        Hiss at anyone who comes into the elevator.
7.        If there is only one other person on the elevator, tap his shoulder.  Then pretend it wasn’t you.
8.        Bring a ventriloquist’s doll onto the elevator.  When someone gets on, start beating yourself with it.
9.        Ask the people inside with you if they heard the snapping sound.
10.        Say, “Peek-a-boo,” every time the doors open.
11.        Dress up like Waldo.  When someone gets on, say, “You found me.”
12.        Drop a pen.  When someone tries to pick it up for you, scream, “THAT’S MINE!”

At School
1.        In the middle of a test, yell, “RED ROBIN!” See how many people say, “YUMM!”
2.        Come to school late, when the teacher asks why, say that your pet rock had a seizure.
3.        Come to school late.  When the teacher asks why, say that you were helping Little Bo Peep find her sheep.
4.        On the first day of school, convince your teacher that your name is something really stupid.
5.        During a science experiment, start screaming, “I’M MELTING!”
6.        Crawl around on the floor and bark at people.  When the teachers ask you to stop, growl at them.
7.        Every time a teacher asks a question, say, “Don’t you know?”
8.        Put lost pet pictures of your rock on all the lockers.
9.        Go up to a teacher.  Whisper in their ear, “I know all your secrets.”  Then calmly walk away.
10.        Go to school dressed like a ninja.  
11.        Go up to the teacher during a lecture and say loudly, “I have to poop.”
12.        Release a pack of squirrels in the library.
13.        Get two blow horns and a piece of fishing line.  Tie the horns together and put them in two lockers across from each other with the string at ankle level.  
14.        Every time the teacher says something, start laughing hysterically.

At a Pet Store/Animal Shelter
1.        Go to a pet store and teach all the parrots swear words.
2.        Buy a goldfish.  Bring it home, and then bring back the empty bag.  Tell an employee that the fish was delicious.
3.        Put on a dog collar and beg anyone who comes in to adopt you.
4.        Dress up as a cat and volunteer at the local dog shelter.
5.        Ask an employee if your dinosaur has arrived yet.
6.        Try to buy a pet rock.
7.        Have a serious conversation with all the dogs.
8.        Start screaming that the tarantulas escaped.
9.        Try to convince an employee to put you inside one of the cages.
10.        Bring a litter of rocks to an animal shelter and try to adopt them out.


1.   Walk into Sea World with a fishing pole.
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I want to try them!
on December 28, 2015
on December 27, 2015
Im doing all of these!
on December 08, 2015
This is genius.
on May 14, 2015
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on August 24, 2014
Beautiful. *sniff* XD love it!!
on July 17, 2014
on July 01, 2014
OMG I laughed so hard I was crying! THUS IS AWESOME!!!!
on May 05, 2014
I'm working on it, feel free to send messages to me with any ideas of your own and check out The Complete Stupid Questions to Ask Guide too!
on May 05, 2014
on May 05, 2014