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Hunter's Arrow (Naomi X Artemis story)
Naomi Hickens is a mortal, used as a slave, abused by her Master, and longing for escape. When she meets a group who turn their back on men for freedom, she finds a new meaning to life, and joins them. But things don't exactly ...
190 reads 33 readers 5 by Weiss_Schnee
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios
This is Creepypasta, and yes, REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I only started with Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Hoodie, Masky, and Slenderman. Just ask who you want, and I will try my best! :3 Enjoy!
109 reads 82 readers 18 by infinxy
Internet Wars
What if the world you knew was controlled on the Internet? All your personal data, your job, streets, your life and etc all located on one site used every where around the world called Tabi. Within one night, 13 artifical intel...
146 reads 36 readers 23 by DarkAngel1204
It's Been So Long - Five Nights at Freddy's 2
"It's been so long since I last have seen my son lost to this monster to the man behind the slaughter.." A mother desperately trying to find her son, however she doesn't know that he's dead.. Mother: Laika Smith Son: Matthew Sm...
97 reads 34 readers 11 by GirlsDeMo
Total Drama Pasta!
The new Total Drama crew.. Only Creepypasta's have entered! There all fighting, winning, betraying, losing for the big.. ONE.. MILLION.. DOLLARS!
170 reads 35 readers 28 by CoughOfFire
Ok this is based on a dream I had. Yes a dream!!!! So basically Silver lives in a world were your partner gets chosen by picking a ring.
57 reads 25 readers 5 by Thehost
To all my very best friends
i just read the things gina left for us and i really wish i could do more then just be there for her i wanna do great things for her and all i can do for all my friends but since gina did one like everyone else in our group whe...
24 reads 13 readers 9 profile storyby Vanessa_the_dark
My Qfeast Best Friends!
I have a lot of friends here in Qfeast, but some really stand out from the crowd, and I wanna give those people their own individual shoutout!
200 reads 29 readers 24 profile storyby Weiss_Schnee
Insanity Can't Be Understood
I made a new OC (Not suprizing) named Tundra. He changed his name from how he became a ghost and why he did what he did (which is explained). He comes to the Pasta house, not knowing that it has all his insane friends. Tundra: ...
174 reads 22 readers 33 by EverymanHABIT
The Hungry Girl (A Short Horror Story!)
Amelia is playing in her street one day when she discovers a young girl playing alone, she befriends the girl and discovers something she wish she hadn't...
58 reads 45 readers 15 by becca01thebest
Creepypastas React!
I love TheFineBros and their kids, teens, youtubers, and elders react. I saw FandomLover made a story for Sonic characters to react, so I went to see if there was a Creepypastas react. Apparently not! So, I made it for the heck...
350 reads 72 readers 48 by EverymanHABIT
Truth or Dare with the Marauders!
Welcome to Truth or Dare with the Marauders! We will take truths & dares from the comments, so please comment!!! :)
244 reads 26 readers 40 by swageyamatobiyolo