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Death Note fanpage
just gonna make a fanpage just for DN! hope at least some people will join!
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Sonic x Jackie shippers! (Sonic boy x Fangirl)
I like this shipping too, have fun everyone to ship your sonic b x Fangirl otp!
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Loyal Game Theorists
Hello internet, welcome to Game Theory, the show that- Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm not the Game Theorist. I'm just a loyal fan. And if you are too, click that subscribe button to this page! And hey, maybe we too will have our ow...
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girls just wanna have fun
this group is a room where you talk about girl stuff and no guys are allowed.
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The Sonic Underground Returns!
This page is all about my show on YouTube! And im always looking for new characters! So if you have a good idea, OC, or canon character you would like to see in this version of Sonic Underground-lemme know and ill tell you if i...
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Warrior cats memorial
This is a page to remember the cats who died to protect their clan and have always been loyal. So in memory of them I did this page so we can remember the cats who lived to protect then die for the sake of their clan. Lets us r...
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The Night Circus Freakshow
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Come and see things your eyes won't believe! Some say they are aliens. Some say they are strangers. Some say they are not of this world. We will not conform to the madness, whether they scor...
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Dark Circus RP
This is a rp like any other, it has a story line and characters but this one has a mystery behind it. The Dark Moon circus is a major attraction for people of all ages but most do not know what hides behind the make up and cost...
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Sonic OC Pairings page!
This is basically a page where you select 2 people from the Sonic universe (OC and canon alike) and predict what their offspring would look like if they ever got together. Go wild with your imagination (not too wild though), th...
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Creepypastas fangirls (>3<)
Creepypastas fangirls! o(^3^)ノBecause I KNOW that you fangirl one of these one! Just share with us your feelings ( ►_◄ )-c<*_*; )
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girls only page
This page is only for girls not boys. Girls you can post pics or talk about anything if you would like!
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Sonic OC drawing contest
Here you can post photos of your OC and win! There will be a different theme at each week. You must post your Sonic OC's drawing during the week. For your drawing is accepted, you have to post it on time, you must have respecte...
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Creepypasta Christmas!
Hey hey! It's Christmas! And why not celebrate it with the ones you know and love? Bring in your OCs, bring in regular Creepypastas and roleplay with a Christmas topic and spirit! We all love this time of year, and we all know ...
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Weirdo Page
This page is for all weirdos. Welcome to the club! Being weird is awesome and we can prove that to you.
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Nightcore fan page!
Fan of nightcore?post your favriote songs in versión nightcore here!so evreyone can listen to it,enjoy ^_^
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Anime Lover Page (Anime Lovers Only)
If You Love Anime Add me because i love anime too! post your favorite shows mine are Naruto Saliormoon Fairytail and Nourin
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The Fan-Base Adoptables
It's an adoptable page where you can post up ANY adoptable from ANYTHING! Trade with friends if you like. Have fun! ;)
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This is a page to RolePlay on~ If you want to join ask to be a member and fill a fourm~!Make sure there isn't a lot of lovey dovey things, remember these are infamous murders were talking to and being. ENJOY~ Fourm- Name, Age...
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The sisters BR-DAY party rp!
Its time evreybody!today is the BR-DAY of the awsome sisters!they turn 12 :3,now,Bring the cake,games,presents! Evrey thing neccsary for these too awsome sisters!oh and happy BR-DAY girls!
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fans of the vocaloids and rasplay
OMG!im a fan of her!shes my fave vocaloid and i love her songs!here u can rasplay and talk about the vocaloids and there songs!:D
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