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Fandomstuck Hetastuck One-Shot
A place to post one-shot fanfictions for my favorite fandomstuck pair: Hetalia Fandom and Homestuck Fandom! (NOTE: genre will vary; shipping almost guaranteed(sometimes pale, sometimes flushed, etc.; Universes and genders will...
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The Story of Five Nights at Freddy's: Mobian Style
Come around and read the tale of Five Nights at Freddy's. This may be different than what you think, but it is good to read other people's beliefs. Some say one thing, some say another, but I say this...
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Things you may not know about Leat the Cat
Here I'll put facts about My Sonic OC, Leat, that you may not know. Based off of @KameoRose's story. (though hers is probably more interesting. Read it if you haven't already)
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Mini OC Stories
I just has the inspiration for this while reading a book. Here, I'll write mini stories about OCs for different books I've read. :P These books include ones both popular and ones you may not have even heard of.
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I AM my characters
This is mostly just a book for me to talk and complain about a certain topic. MAY include some ranting. If I mention you for some reason and you take offense, I'm sorry and please just tell me so I can fix it.
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What my Cutie Mark is telling me (My MLP OCs)
I decided to make one, why not? Besides, I was bored XD one of them is a boy, but oh well. *shrugs* Twilight: Moonshine (just so you know :P)
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Singing time with random OCs XD
In just decided to make this story. I will be selecting some of my OCs and putting them in the spotlight, they get to choose what to sing. :D It should give you a glimpse of their personalities. I will not be typing the whole s...
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The OTHER four clans...
This is about four made up cat clans of mine. They live somewhat near the original four, but no one knows about the others. This is a story about some cats from Blizzardclan, the formation of Powerclan, and how the two groups o...
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Tael is Leat's shadow, her Dark Side. You'd think "Oh, a shadow? She must have to follow her around and stuff" but really she is sealed within her head. I have two versions of Leat the Cat. One is the regular one that I use all...
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Mobius High
Well, I've already made a character book and a page. Now here is the actual story! Sorry if OCs and Sonic Characters are not acting like themselves, this is my interpretation of them. Not all the characters will be mentioned in...
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Mobius High characters
Mobius High is a story that I am planning on making. The Sonic characters are older and are the teachers. This is a record of the main students, and will give a few spoilers to the story.
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Truth or Dare with my OCs!
*_*PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION*_* I have many OCs for many different things. I know most people won't care about them, but I decided to make one of these anyway. You can find information on all of them in my book of OCs.
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Tana the Hedgehog
This is the story of Tana the Hedgehog. I just thought, 'I'll tell Qfeasters Tana's story. Whyever not?' Tana the Hedgehog is my secong sonic fan character. My first one is for Sonic Underground, and my third one would make for...
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Random Songs. Try to guess what they're about!
Ok, I'm just going to write random songs. How about guessing what they are about? You know what, why not put a picture of it and ruin the whole "game"! (Maybe...) Anyway, just remember that these aren't always true for ME. I j...
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My OCs. For Sonic, MLP, and more.
Well, I saw one for Sapphirethehedgehog's characters, and I thought that it was a good idea to post them up. So I'm making a 'book' of a bunch of my OCs. I'm afraid not all of them will have pictures. I hope you enjoy! (P.S.: T...
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Kate Tasty
This is a Creepypasta-style fan character of mine. I am not very proud of it to be honest, but others might like it. This story is turning out to be kind of long, and most of it isn't even Creepypasta. it is pretty much how my ...
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