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OCs - A Guide
If you write fanfiction with an original character, chances are you're worried that people might consider them a Mary-Sue. If you've even taken an "Is Your Character Overpowered" quiz or asked someone whether or not you can pai...
55 reads 19 readers 5 profile storyby DaNerdBird
Elemental - Stories of Legend
Millions of citizens with powers of the elements live together in one world, separated by the Covens that signify their power. But when darkness threatens, what will happen when they have to unite as one?
162 reads 37 readers 18 by Weiss_Schnee
School of the supernatural (book 1)
Alexandra is a 11 year old vampire/witch ready to take anything, she is to go to sakaro, the school of supernatural beings, something's hunting her down... she teams up with Amelia, Tianna, and Brianne in this wild tale of the ...
32 reads 11 readers 3 by PrismIsLynx46
Darkwood Circus
An Rp Angel and I had a while back (we still Rp it today) about a ring leader named Jack and a run away named Angel who meet in a circus, and eventually grow fond of each other. I put what I remember and honestly I don't rememb...
10 reads 7 readers 3 by Prussian_Mistake
Games: Book 1: Different
Rebecca Shores is an ordinary girl. But when she and her best friend Ryan are invited to a strange world called The Game, she soon finds out that she is not so ordinary as she thinks.
5 reads 4 readers 0 by Widowmaker2066
The Opposites Attract Club
A Fishermans daughter who loves to swim, a boy afraid of heights, a boy who is afraid of animals, and a girl who hates the cold, all of these children are special! They all posses special powers, that they absolute despise. Let...
30 reads 12 readers 3 by Deku_Deku
Vocaloid English Song Lyrics
I have put together all of the Vocaloid song lyrics. If you want a specific song, tell me in the comments. These are directly translated to English
32 reads 14 readers 3 by BendyTheDancingDemon
the awakening
I am a vampire... i am the undead, the cruel and unforgiving, the gruesome and heartless that kills the innocent. In my past life, i was an angel, the household that i had been born in hated vampires, and now i am the doomed. o...
20 reads 10 readers 0 by anonymous-user-Z91arP
The Qfeast Times July 2015
This is the Qfeast Times issue for July 2015! read to find out all the latest and greatest drama!
272 reads 55 readers 14 by ellotherelove
It's who we are
Sorta based on Lego Ninjago, 5 friend find out one of them could become the next master of power/powers. However they're not the only ones, a tournament is set up to see who is the best of many fighters, however the friends soo...
64 reads 12 readers 41 by SpinnerFTW
Fandom Christmas Carols
Have a holly, jolly holiday Christmas... Share the Christmas spirit with these fandom themed Christmas carols!
94 reads 33 readers 33 by JeweledOwl812
In this world, your fate depends on your birthday. The world revolves around zodiac signs, and everything about you depends on when you were born. Once you turn 15, you get all kinds of cool, special privileges, and Celine is t...
174 reads 40 readers 55 by MockingjayDistrict
The Fire in our Hearts
This is a fiction tale of a girl who was thrown into a life no girl has EVER experienced. But why? That's the question of the day.
93 reads 23 readers 6 by Elleyd