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who is your fave game charather ?
it can be any game
10 / 0 by villainous_Hero
What are you being for Halloween?
Just curious! ^_^ I'm being a doll, poofy dress with dark and red lipstick, with bunches and maybe a black bow/hairband. I might put some coloured hair spray in my hair too :P and I'm wearing black tights and little black wed...
14 / 9 by GirlsDeMo
Which Anime show is your favorite?
I like Fairy Tail the best.
17 / 23 by MaiKumi
Any Good Books?
I love reading and can eat through about one book per hour, if I put my mind to it. I've read all of the books that seem interesting to me in my house, and am going to waste all my money buying new ones if I don't know if I'll ...
15 / 6 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
How did you pick your username
When you joined Qfeast or any site how did you pick your username?
34 / 12 by Saltednuts