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  • I Love ninjas!
    Hopeful animator, author, comic book artist, and game dev.
    I'm an artist who *gasps!* does art. As the name implies, I love book, including including Percy Jackson, Hunger games, and the Cinder series. My anime fandoms include Magic Kaito, Fairy Tail, D Grey Man, and One Piece. I want to be an author.
    Ib is beautiful, Witch's house is terrifying, Pocket Mirror is confusing.
    Cartoons I like? Thanks for asking!
    Danny Phantom, Miraculous Ladybug, Randy cunningham, and Flapjack.
    I want to make a horror game, and plan to start developing it soon. I can't wait to make you all pee yourself ♡.

    ██—– Put this on
    ██—– your Profile
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    ██—– believe in God
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