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Do you know what you want to do as a career?
If you do, then why? What made you want to do that one thing as a career?
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What Nintendo DS game would you recommend?
I have a Nintendo DS lite and I was wondering what games you would recommend? It can't be for the 3DS because I don't have one.
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When I was a little kid, I had this Rudolph the red nosed reindeer music box. I don't remember much else about. Can you help me?
Ok so I remember that when I was a little kid, I had this rudolph the red nosed reindeer music box that my parents gave me and I would listen to it when I was sad. I lost it long ago to storage I believe, and I would really li...
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Any recommendations?
I need a new cartoon or anime to watch. Any suggestions?
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What do I do? (5)
Please help! So I'm writing. I have characters, and I'm still working out a plot for the story, but I have a problem. I can't get past chapter 1, because I don't know how to advance a story. This isn't just a problem with this ...
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What should be the last color?
The outfit for this character is going to be a pink shirt with a red vest. But I need one more color for the sleeves (I don't plan on keeping them green). I just don't know what to do. I can't think of anything. Please help!
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Writing question (?)
I'm starting a story, and it starts with a male character. He's the main character for that chapter, but that chapter only (it's a manga). The problem is that he's not the main character, and I want to establish someone else as...
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Please help! I need OC's! Please?
Okay, so there was this RP I was going to make. I made my OC's in advance, and since I never made the RP, the characters kept growing. I now have 100 (don't judge!). I now need 72 more, because the previous 100 OC's were all su...
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What does this mean? (1)
Okay, so this question is for the Fairy Tail fandom. In the new manga chapter (416), Zeref was talking to himself, and he said. "You have to try and overtake me, Natsu" and then he said this.. don't understand what he's saying.
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Is this a good drawing?
I had to do something for my art final drawing, and I wanted your opinion. (The image is flipped though)
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I need help...?
Okay, so for some reason, I started to make a list of all the disney movies that don't include someone falling in love (as a part of the plot). So far, I have Wreck-it-Ralph, Big Hero 6, Frozen (The plot was Anna getting Elsa b...
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Who else thinks...?
Who else thinks that math should solve it's own problems? I mean, why do WE have to solve math's problems?
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How much do you like books?
If you read books, how much do you like them?
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Have you ever...?
Have you ever turned around and you're dog (or any other pet) is just sitting there all perfect staring at you? That happens to me all the time...
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Who else ignores people while they're reading?
When I'm reading, I just kind of ignore people, even my own family.
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Who else...?
Who else is an artist that starts to draw and you're like, "Oh this is gonna be good", and then in the end, you feel that it turned out wrong?
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Read description?
Does anyone else have a problem with the website Fantage? There seems to be a glitch where it randomly takes your clothing. It's kind of unfair, and especially when you paid for it (I bought an outfit using ecoins, and they wan...
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What do you think of my story
I'm writing a story, and I want you guys to tell me if you like it. I will post the story here. (I can't do it as a story, because it's only part of the story, and so it's not long enough) Sorry if it's too long. "I hate peo...
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