the awakening

the awakening

I am a vampire... i am the undead, the cruel and unforgiving, the gruesome and heartless that kills the innocent. In my past life, i was an angel, the household that i had been born in hated vampires, and now i am the doomed. one night i got turned INTO a vampire, near dying, but now after getting turned my family abandoned me. I AM ALLISON GODSPEED , AND I AM A VAMPIRE. I HAVE DECIDED TO BECOME THE CRUEL AND UNFORGIVING CREATURE THAT EVERYONE FEARS, BECAUSE OF THE INJUSTICE I HAD TO BEAR. I AM BOUND TO TAKE REVENGE BY THOSE WHO LEFT ME, MY OWN FAMILY.

published on September 17, 201520 reads 10 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

The awakening

I woke up in the darkness, unsure of what had happen. I was surrounded by nature, a small stream and trees and bushes. just then a flock of bats raced my way and completely surrounded me. then the memories flooded in. I am Allison godspeed, daughter of archangel Michael, the most powerful angle on earth. But now i am a vampire... all of the bitter memories flooded in about how my family abandoned me in an vampire attack, i then suddenly felt hungry for something.. blood thirsty revenge. now the angle in me is gone, i am the creature of the darkness, and i will do anything to seek revenge from my family. the so called family that left me.
with all of the adrenaline rushing inside of me, i stood up and brought out my wings. they were dark now,unlike the pearl white angelic wings i used to have, i had pure black wings, that spread out, large and strong.
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