Games: Book 1: Different

Games: Book 1: Different

Rebecca Shores is an ordinary girl. But when she and her best friend Ryan are invited to a strange world called The Game, she soon finds out that she is not so ordinary as she thinks.

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Chapter 1.

The Game

        As I walk to school, I notice how peaceful this school really is. I mean, I don't think it's ever had troubles in it. That's why I love it so much here. My name is Rebecca Shores. I have blonde hair, orange eyes, I'm 16, I love video games, and I attend the school, Ten Shards High School. The school has not have troubles but I have,my father died in 2020, 4 years ago . I walk into the school and go to my locker. I open it and grab my binder and textbook for my first class, Science. I walk into my classroom, and see my teacher, Mr. Rinez.
        He nods at me saying a hello, I nod back at him as I put my stuff on my desk. I walk out the class and go on a quest to find my best friend, Ryan Finds. I find him at his locker, at the end of the hallway. I say to him,"Hey" He looks at me and says, "Hey! What's up?" "Nothing much, you?" "No, just trying to find my phone." I try to help him look for it, but find it in his back pocket. "Um, Ryan, its in your pocket." " What? Oh well then." I laugh at him, when he looks for something he always looks for it where it's not an obvious place.
        When the school day is over, Ryan and I walk out the front doors together and see people looking up at the sky. It's all cloudy and stormy looking which is weird cause' we where just outside in our last class and there was not cloud in the sky."What's going on?" I question. And then all of a sudden, a screen appears in front of the whole group of people, including Ryan and I. "It says, would you like to join The Game?" I read to Ryan. "Why not?" He says. We touch the Yes button. And just like that, everything went black.
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