The Hidden Presents!

The Hidden Presents!

A little naughty boy can't wait until his birthday. So what does he do? He takes it upon himself to find all his presents!

published on June 07, 20146 reads 6 readers 0 completed

Only One Present Left

Hey everyone. It's me Notch Seele! I'm finally turning 16 and I can't wait for my presents. Maybe my love Rose will get me some sugar if you guys know what I mean. To make a long story short, my dad(Monkai) has been acting strange lately and even his ki feels different.  I know they got me this huge gift as my last five presents I've found was filler until the main event!

I'm walking to the basement and I see my Mom(Kumkio) wrapping gifts. I walk up to her and in the process scarring her. "So whatcha doing mom!?" I said. "Nothing sweetheart. Just wrapping gifts for Monkai. He did win the tournament against your Uncle. He has to get something." She said is a high pitch voice. From then on I was on to her. I knew she was lying. So knowing my mom loves watching my dad work out I made a lie up. "Yo mom, Father is over Goken's pumping iron. I think Sr(Goken's father) bet 500 money that he could out bench him". That has to be the best lie since I told Goken that Rose chose me over him. Haha, he didn't speak to me for a whole day.  With my mom leaving out the house I was all alone. It was me and my final present as the label clearly said Notch. I opened it.....and I worked this past month and the half looking for these gifts. All this work...and my last present...was glue sticks for school. The next day they had to wish me back with the 7 dragonballs as I died a sad man. Just kidding guys. They gave me the hair set I wanted! Shampoo, Haircut clippers, Conditioner, and soap! Goten been growing his hair out downwards lately so I'm cutting my hair. I guess it's time for a new style. I always liked my Dad's and Sr's. So perhaps I get a combo of the two. This gives me an idea...........

Authors note: If you want to see Notch Seele's appearance here's a link to my drawings.
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