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Tips for writing a story:

  • Choose a catchy and intelligent title, description and image for your story! These are the first things that the readers evaluate.
  • Tell your friends about your story. Share it on as many social networks, blogs or websites as you can. Doing so, your story will have a lot more readers, and it will earn a higher rank in Qfeast tops
  • You can set your story as "not completed" before you publishing it. Doing so will allow you to add more chapters any time. People who follow you will be see in their News Feeds the new added chapters
  • Read and follow the below rules:

Rules for writing a story. Users should:

  • set a valid title, description, chapters, category, images and results for the story. Do not fill the text/image fields just to pass the validation (minimum length for texts or mandatory images), as this will cause the story to be unpublished or removed.
  • use English while writing the story
  • double check the story before publishing it for accuracy, correctness, spelling and grammar errors
  • not dedicate the story to a close group of persons like colleagues, friends, family members, followers and so on.
  • not use story just to write down something very particular about you: "About me", "My Top Ten Favorites", "My Followers", ""What Am I Doing", "My Diary, "My Chat With ___". Please use the profile posts (wall posts) for this
  • not add content from lyrics, unless s/he is the owner or the author
  • not use story to transmit mass messages/requests to people
  • not add content inside stories requesting or inviting people to follow, read, visit, subscribe (or any other similar action) a person or page.
  • be careful about Copying things. Do not violate copyrights. Do not copy content of other Qfeast users.
    To be safe, do not quote more than a couple of sentences of text from anywhere, and document any references you do use. You can copy material that you are sure is in the public domain, but even for public domain material you should still document your source. Also note that most Web pages are not in the public domain and most song lyrics are not either. If you think you are making "fair use" of copyrighted material, please put a note on the discussion page saying why you think so.
  • not write stories that advocate one particular viewpoint on politics, religion, or anything else. Understand what we mean by a neutral point of view before tackling this sort of topic.
  • research with the best sources available and cite them properly. Doing this, along with not copying large amounts of the text, will help avoid any possibility of plagiarism.
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Choose a catchy and intelligent title for your story! The title is crucial!

A common length for titles is 3 words; one word titles can also be effective, but longer than 6 is uncommon

Remember that story titles are the first thing that the readers evaluate

What is your story about?

Write a vivid description about it using approximately 15-20 words

For maximum impact, choose an image that can effectively promote your story

Please use only non-copyrighted images

Choose a category that best represents your story

Enable or disable comments

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Each story has a random generated address. After you publish the story, you can copy/paste it from your browser and send it to specific people that you want to read the story

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