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The Good Life
In District 5 in 2008, 18-year-old college student “Sliver Kono” is an extremely intelligent foreigner from District 7. He makes the hardest decision of his life by moving out of his hometown. Not knowing what awaits him in the...
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District 3
Follow Neiya's life in her little town. Dealing with the struggle of being the district president's daughter, people, and the small-city lifestyle of District 3 the smallest district.
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Project DNP(Bonus Stories)
Instead of canceling the story. I'm making bonus chapters. This takes place before Damai went to jail and Pudd(Mikku) was isolated. This is between chapter 6 and chapter 5. I hope you guys enjoy and leave a comment.
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Defenders of Light
The prototype version of Project P(Formally known as Legacy of DnP). Think of it as a One-Shot. It's only one chapter. Leaves on a cliffhanger.
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The Hidden Presents!
A little naughty boy can't wait until his birthday. So what does he do? He takes it upon himself to find all his presents!
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Project DnP
Pudd: The Fighter who wants to start a new path for himself. He swears to be the best in the world. Damai : Pudd's best friend or "Bro". He's a former fighter as well who wants to start a new life. He a bit of a ladies man an...
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