The Good Life

The Good Life

In District 5 in 2008, 18-year-old college student “Sliver Kono” is an extremely intelligent foreigner from District 7. He makes the hardest decision of his life by moving out of his hometown. Not knowing what awaits him in the world's biggest district. The fast paced lifestyle, the different weather, and different technology.

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Welcome to District 7

Welcome to District 7

An 18 year old guy sits on a plane with a small book loaded with pages. He appears to be the only one on the plane. Is hair is black with a brown goatee. His eyes are blood red to the pupil. He has a Japanese teal school boy on. He seems too invested in his book to look out the window. He misses the beautiful sea, the spectacular sea animals, the white clouds, the wonderful snow mountains, and he especially misses the fireworks. He firmly studies in his book. “X square plus ZY square is equal to 874 but it's impossible!” He thinks. The kid...well grown man slaps his face. “Darn it Sliver Kono! You're over analysing things!”. Sliver thinks to himself. He looks over to see the plane start to slowly descend. Sliver quickly runs over to the window. He mouths opens and eyes pop like a child on Xmas day. “This is District 5”. The plane lands. “WELCOME TO DISTRICT 5”. An robot sound from the plane said. Sliver hurries and grabs his bags and exits the plane. Into the airport. He gets a huge smile on his face. “So this is where I'm going be living for the rest of my life.”. Sliver looks around to see an array of people. From thugs to business men to fashion models to animals...yes animals to boxers to rugby players to fighters to people who meditate. Sliver looks at everyone. Looking out of place while he should look in place. He just stands there in this fast paced airport. Even the fast food restaurants are moving incredibly fast.

A teenaged thug looks over and sees Sliver standing still in a fast paced crowd. The Thug is leaning against a wall with his skateboard in his hand. The thug's appearance is baggy pants with white underwear, grey hoodie, an sharp black eyes, pointy nose, pointy ears, Brownish yellow skin, and an American striped bandanna covering his yellow hair. His eyes begins to glow mystical blue with a yellow pupil. He suddenly swings his hands and a bat appear. “A Monka I'm bored. A perfect time to test this Monkai Property baseball bat.”. The black baseball bat gains a weird sparkle aura. This gains multiple people attention. Specifically the fighters. The generic looking fighters look around and spots Sliver. “He just moved here didn't he?”. One guy states. The other fighters shake their head. “Welp...Gokai is going have fun with him. Especially with that Monkai property. Surprised it ain't illegal Yet.”. Gokaj pops up his skateboard and begins to ride across the port. He jumps down the stairs grinding on the rails and rams into Sliver.

No one pays attention and just continue on with their lives. Only the fighters watch. Sliver puts his hands up. Looking calm as ever. Gokai looks confused. “Why aren't you scared”. Gokai said as he raises his bat. “Here if you raise your hand. Shouldn't you stop?”. Gokai gets off of Sliver. Gokai points his bat to Sliver's face. Sliver gets up. “You're not holding it right. It's off balanced and it's clear you're not left handed.”. Gokai shows showing his sharp teeth. “The hell I care for” Gokai say. He wildly swings the bat which hits Sliver across the airport and bounces everywhere like a ping pong. Sliver finally lands. He gets up with a nosebleed Sliverpokes his nose three times to stop the bleeding. He turns around and sees the train. He limps on the already crowded train. In a hurry he grabs the first pole he sees. Gokai sees this and hurries. “My prey ain't going anywhere!”.

Gokai hops on his board and rides furiously throughout the airport. He catches up to the train station but the train door closes. Gokai pissed off bangs on the door. He smacks the door and kicks it. His eyes stops glowing. “Shit it's wearing out.”. Gokai notices as his bat begins to slowly disappear. Gokai enraged begins to headbutt the door. “Damn Damn Damn”. He shouts. Sliver looks at him directly which infuriates Gokai even more. Sliver grabs his hair and waves. “Hey sorry! You should had made it on time!”. The train takes off leaving Gokai behind. “Lucky bastard got away.”. Gokai looks at the train. He begins to have a flashback. Flashback Gokai is in the middle of a gang circle. Gokai looks younger like 15 years perhaps. “You're banned from Blue Guts Gutters! Leave now or be killed!”. The gang leader shouts from a shadow. Gokai appears in a circle again. Looking slightly older with a depressed look. “Damn you Gokai! You missed the kill! You're no longer apart of the White Egg Shells!”. The gang leader shouts. And finally. Gokai is in the circle again. “Welcome to Rooster Red Gang. Not RHG. Miss a kill and you will be killed.”. The gang leader say from a shadow. Flashback over. Gokai grit his teeth. He grabs his skakeboard and jumps on the train tracks. He stares deeply into the train back side. His eyes glow again as his ears, nose, and eyes start to bleed. “I know I should only use this twice and it's not a target kill...but I'll be damned if this foreigner gets away.”. He starts chasing after the train and moves his hand to summon the baseball bat. He swings the bat making the air making his speed faster. Back on the crowded train Sliver manages to get some space. Sliver still holding to his nose takes out a map. “That thug didn't have to hurt me. One day he'll work for me.”. Sliver looks at the map. “I see 4 main mini districts. Fighta District, Farming, SubUrbans, and Airpoint Mixa.”. Sliver reads the map. He points to Airpoint Mixa. “I'm here. And my college is all the way in Fighta. Going be another long ride I see.”. Sliver sighs. “Cant believe mom accidently threw all my other acceptance letters in the trash. I wanted to leave the district but I wanted District 6...”. Sliver sits down alone and reads his book again. “Human interaction is about past experiences that effect people forever. The brain is like a memory storage on a computer. Containing RAM and a CPU of 2.43 GHZ. “ Sliver reads. Sliver looks up to Gokai to being right in front of him.

Sliver throws his book into the air. He puts his hands up. “How you get on!!?!? What do you want with me!?!?!”. Gokai eyes stop glowing and he passes out on top of Sliver. Sliver squeaks loudly. “Eww..”. Sliver moves Gokai to the other chair to lay down. Sliver quickly cleans himself. “I don't want any of your blood to touch me! None None None None! I do not want a BTD!”. Sliver looks at Gokai. He rubs his goatee. “I should clean him up too.”. Sliver squints his eyes. “Perhaps I'll even accidentally find something in his wallet....”. Sliver cleans all the blood from Gokai. While cleaning Gokai, Sliver goes throughout Gokai's pockets. Sliver sees an ID. “Gokai BaseBoll? Unique name. “. Sliver looks at the I.D. Picture. There's a girl on Gokai's back. She can't be fully seen except for her rainbow hair and orange eye. “Must be his girlfriend.”. Sliver scans more of his ID a card. “Ravens University?”. Sliver grabs his ID and shakes. “He goes to the same college too!?”. Sliver puts Gokai's card back to his pocket. Sliver goes to sit down and nervously start to read. “Gosh Darn it. Poop! Poop!”. Sliver shakes. This is worst than the time those little kids Damai and Mikku sold me some spoiled milk. I might poop myself from fear this time.”.

End of chapter one.
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