District 3

District 3

Follow Neiya's life in her little town. Dealing with the struggle of being the district president's daughter, people, and the small-city lifestyle of District 3 the smallest district.

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Chapter 1.
Enter: Neiya

Enter: Neiya

A small little girl with dark Green hair and green eyes sits down on a hill.  She wears a white short sleeve shirt and blue pants. Far out in the view there's a city. Bright lights and full of people. The small girl looks annoyed and angry. She looks up into the sky to see a helicopter. A air-ladder falls from the plane. A man in a suit come down and approach the girl.  "Neiya! You can't go running off like that. You're only six!".  Neiya falls onto her back onto the grass. She grabs the grass and throws the grass into the air. "I actual thought running away will be exciting. But it's not like it's anywhere to go or anything to do.". Neiya gets up from the ground. "This district is too small for anything interesting.". The suited man laughs. He walks with over and pad her head. "You're just like your mother.". Neiya looks into her papa blue eyes. "Where's mom?". Father grabs his daughter hands and kneel down. "Sadly no. Vice president Russev sent all military experts to an isolated land to practice. She'll be gone for a year ". The dad regretted . The Father carries Neiya onto the air ladder.  Neiya sits in the helicopter and crosses her arms. "If you're the president why can't you send mom back home?". The president replies "For a seven year old you got alot of questions haha.". Neiya looks annoyed with her father.  The president sticks his tounge out at Neiya.  The father and daughter arrive to their apartment. The ladder let's them down. They enter the apartment.  The first floor is a paint ball room. Neiya hurries upstairs and see a sword hanging up on the wall. Neiya puts her hands together and closes her eyes.  "Hey mom. You won't believe how boring my day was. I miss you and brother showing me cool military things. This place bores me into tears. ". Her father approaches and put his hands onto her shoulder. Neiya open 1 eye and smile. "How about you come to work with me tomorrow?". Neiya happily responds "that'll be swell.",

End of Chapter 1
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Combine a bit more sentences; they seem bland. Becomes that, it's great!
on December 05, 2015