Project DNP(Bonus Stories)

Project DNP(Bonus Stories)

Instead of canceling the story. I'm making bonus chapters. This takes place before Damai went to jail and Pudd(Mikku) was isolated. This is between chapter 6 and chapter 5. I hope you guys enjoy and leave a comment.

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Chapter 1.
Science Experiment

Science Experiment

Mikku is Pudd.

Bonus Chapter 1. The Science Experiment.

Cynthia is at her locker twisting and turning the combination. The lockers opens with a mail following down. "Another one huh?" Cynthia takes note. She puts the mail on the top portion of her locker. She grabs her supplies and closes the locker. Mikku appears stunning Cynthia. "Ha you scared?" Mikku teases. Cynthia pushes Mikku. "You're such a jerk!"Cynthia said. Cynthia looks around. "Where's Damai?" She ask. "He didn't want to wear uniform. He's ditching. Besides i think there's a playboy convention or something" Mikku explain. "Besides it looks like you're missing someone too" Mikku states. "Oh Neiya is doing campaign speeches" Cynthia explains. "Before we go. Don't worry bout the letters. You got Neiya after all" Mikku comfort Cynthia. Cynthia smiles. "And you. Right?" Cynthia ask. Mikku puts his hands on her shoulder. "Yeah. So don't be shy with me." Mikku request to Cynthia. They walk to science. As Mikku enters the class he gets shocked. "Damn it! I left the homework on my bed." Mikku screams.

The class laughs. The Professor gets an angry expression that appears on his face. "Mr. Mikku! First you're late and now you're having random outburst. "Sorry. It won't happen again." Mikku promises. "Cynthia you have a pass?" He ask. Mikku stands up. "She was touring me around. Sorry it's my fault. Kinda slow" Mikku lies. The professor admires Cynthia. "What a women you're going be.". Some class mates laughs and joke among themselves. "More like a serial killer or man killer" they mutter. Other mutters "What a goody two shoes she is". Cynthia walks to the front of class room. She gets nervous hearing the comments. "My lab partner for the day" Cynthia looks up with every one looking in disgust. "Why she first!? Who would work with her?" people mutter. "Mikku you wouldn't mind would you?" she ask. Mikku gets hesitant. "I dont know.". The class laugh. "Sure why not" Mikku say much to class surprise. The professor assign them to lab station 9. Both walk and sit at tbe station.
Mikku: It waa a lesson. I said never be shy with me.
Cynthia: I get a bjt nervous when people
Mikku: It's ok. I don't think that.
Cynthia: *blushes*
Cynthia: I dreamt of you again.
Mikku: That's a little weird.
Cynthia: Oh
Mikku: It's ok. I know you have a little crush.
Cynthia; It doesn't bother you does it!?
Mikku: It's a bit strange but not really
Cynthia: You're alot like him. Sorry if Im forcing myself on you
Mikku: Na-uh.
Cynthia: we can go..out?
Mikku: Nope. Only like you as a friend. I think Damai might be interested.
Cynthia: *laughs* I don't think I'm his type.
Mikku: *friendly tounge stick out* looks like no dating for you!

The professor interrupt the conversation. "You two talking awfully alot. Did you hear the directions?". Both Mikku and Cynthia looks to the teacher surprised. Mikku gets up for the googles. "You know she made someone leave the district and he died for it" a girl tells Mikku. Mikku straps the googles around his head. "Just coincidence. She seems nice" Mikku said. Mikku sits down and give Cynthia googles. "Do you know what to do?" She ask. "Ah I dont need instructions. Im Mikku!" Mikku proudly said.

The experiment blows up their face. Both Mikku and Cynthia lools confused and flabbergasted. Their school uniform sleeves become rags and has holes in them. "You lied" "I know" Cynthia and Mikku said.
End of Bonus Chapter 1.
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