Defenders of Light

Defenders of Light

The prototype version of Project P(Formally known as Legacy of DnP). Think of it as a One-Shot. It's only one chapter. Leaves on a cliffhanger.

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The Original Plot

The Original Plot

"Am I awake? Or am I dreaming? Why does everything look so dark? That's all I got to say in my dream last night Xion. The only reason I woke up was because this man in a black hoodie grabbed my arms and threw me into the ground."

"That's crazy Kawal. You must have been asleep. There is no way you would be alive right now if you weren't. You can't go 10 minutes without light or you'll pee on yourself haha!"

"Hey! You know I'm not scarred of the dark no more! I stop that when I was like what? 12? 13? I'm 14 now. You don't see me rambling on about your past fears!"

"That's because I have no fear Kawal. You see people like you are to worried about being good that you create fear for yourself. Me being lay-backed and let the world spins allow me to have no fear." *Points at a black hoodie man running towards the boys neighborhood*. "I bet you're peeing yourself right now."

"Xion stop teasing. You were probably right it's just a dream. It's a coincidence that that guy is wearing a hoodie. Nothing more. Nothing less. That guy doesn't even look that bad. He looks like every other adult trying to get thinner."

As the boys ramble onto differ subjects such as homework and the school's lunch they hear a sudden boom.

"What was that Xion!?"

"I don't know. Let's hurry home"

The boys run as fast as a pronghorn to their houses only to see a surprise. Outside of Kawal's house was many of his friends and family

"Surprise! Happy birt......"

As the family and friends tries to say Happy Birthday the world itself freezes and everything becomes dark again. Kawl confused runs to his mother and hugs her only to find out he runs right threw her.

".....Again!? Am I dreaming?"

Suddenly a fine crafted sword emerges and Kawl picks it up. He begins to examine it and shortly after Cerberus appears from the sky and lands on the ground creating a big shock!

"What...what is going on!?"

Soon after, the man from Kawal's "dream" appears and creates a barrier to contain Cerberus and Kawal into a fight to the death. The unknown man grabs Kawal arm again and whisper to his ear.

"Kawal....nothing personal but we have to rid you and your kind from existence."

"My kind?"

The mystery man throws Kawal into Cerberus and Cerberus smacks Kawal around like a rag-doll. Getting angry Kawal uses his sword and stabs Cerberus's tail off. This causing Cerberus to get livid and knocks Kawal into the wall chamber. His sword however goes threw the wall chamber and drops apparently deep below the ground.

"Hmph....looks like the kid is finish." "Cerberus never disappoint"

No knowing why Kawal shouts out 4 different names that he doesn't know at all. Hearing his call, Four other people appear right in front of him each with a differ weapon. One was wearing a Red and black attire with multiple small weapons and military tactical styled bombs. The second one was wearing a white attire with black strips who had two swords that look quite similar to Kawal's sword. The third one was a cute girl who wore a hoodie similar to Link's. Her weapon looks like just a stick. The last one was a mystery as he was cover up in a similar hoodie then that guy who threw Kawal but white instead of black. The mystery guy sees the 3 appear with the white hooded guy and becomes awe.

"Those 3!?"

The mystery guy removes the barrier and Cerberus suddenly vanishes. A black aura appears around the mystery man and while he seems to be fading away and quickly tells the 5 people

"I got to go. You guys can play with Cerberus later. For now just have fun with these guys!"

The man vanishes and out from his darkness appeared dozens of tall, slim, and twisted bodied knights. Who was charging to towards the 5 with all sorts of positions. Some was jumping around. Others was just normal. The white hooded man grabs Kawal in a similar matter as the mystery man

"What's going on! Where you're taking me!"

" I'll explain later. For now just come with me. You have a-lot to learn."

A white aura appears from the man in the white hoodie and Kawal scarred as a mouse vanishes along with him. The 3 fighters are left behind and gets prepared to fight.
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