Why Did Goldilocks Eat the Porridge?

Why Did Goldilocks Eat the Porridge?

Goldilocks meets up with a few fairies, and they feel bad because she is on the streets. No more needs to be said. Just read the story.

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First and Last Chapter 😊

One day, three fairies named Sharkeisha, Jeffette, and Felicia saw a little girl crying on the sidewalk. They went up to her and said, " What's wrong child? Who are you?". She told them everything. She said her name was Goldilocks. She told them her parents died in a car crash and she had no other family. She had no money, home, or family to take care of her or at least send her to an orphanage.
         The fairies felt bad and said they would grant her three wishes, but she was to be wise about it. She says "I wish for rich parents with a big house. I want to save the last wish for my birthday." The fairies agreed, but she had to complete a dangerous quest to have her wishes granted. " Your quest," said the fairies, " is to find the Three Bears cottage, eat their porridge, and make it out alive." Oh my gosh, thought Goldilocks. " OK, I'll do it. But if I'm about to get mauled and there's no where for me to run, will you help me?" The fairies said it depends because she might have a forest behind her, so she could go through the trees. But if she had a wall behind her than yeah, they would help.
         So, the fairies led her to the forest and told her that was as far as they could go. " Thank you for getting me killed", Goldilocks said sarcastically," but I need these wishes so I guess I have no choice. " She walked on the path until she came to the Bears cottage. Lucky for her, they weren't home. The door was unlocked, so she walked inside and started looking for the porridge. At first, she couldn't see it. But then she smelled it. 😋 It smelled so good, she followed the smell until she found the porridge sitting on a table in their den. The first bowl was too cold. The second bowl was too hot. The third bowl was just right. It was delicious! She ate the whole thing and got really lazy so she looked for somewhere to sit. The first chair was too big. The second chair was too fuzzy. The third chair was just right, but it broke when she sat on it!
        Just then, she sees three bears coming straight at her. She starts to run once she realizes they are coming for her. While she's running, she takes a wrong turn an gets lost in the forest. She looks behind her and the bears aren't there anymore so she thinks its a good time to take a rest. She was so out of breath she thought she was going to pass out. She sat on a log she thought was pretty out of the way, so the bears might not see her right away if they came back. She started to nod off, and she told her herself she couldn't fall asleep because if the bears came, she would get eaten for sure! She ate their porridge and sat in their chairs! She even managed to brake one. She hat to be able to run if- when - they came. She almost fell asleep when the bears came and spotted her right away! They chased her all the way to the fairies. The fairies made the bears disappear in a puff of green smoke. They sent them straight to Tarturus! After that, the fairies congratulated her on staying alive.
        " You have completed your quest without dying." said the fairies. " We will now grant your wishes and you can live happily ever after." She waited and then the richest parents popped out of no where and wanted to adopt her. Little did she know, they were totally cruel. After she got to her new home, the parents showed her to her room and said she wasn't aloud to leave. Ever. There was a bathroom in there, and a separate add on with a private teacher for school. They bought her a phone and a computer and lots and lots of books to keep her occupied.
        She didn't want this. She wanted nice parents who let her leave her room and explore and make friends. Now she realized what the fairies meant by be wise about her wishes. They meant not to make them silly, but also to be specific. She asked for rich parents, but didn't specify whether she wanted them to be mean or nice. The fairies planned this all along. They knew. They were teaching her a lesson. The fairies were going to pay.
        Soon enough, her birthday came. The fairies remembered that she wanted to save her last wish for today. "My wish," said Goldilocks," is for a unicorn that can grant me unlimited wishes!" The fairies were uneasy about her decision, mostly because it was against the Fairy Law for a fairy to grant a child's wish if that wish is for more wishes. But there was no rule against a unicorn that could grant wishes. They agreed, and right away, Goldilocks wished for the unicorn to kill the fairies! The unicorn had to grant it, so it killed the fairies and Goldilocks was happy. Her next wish was to make her rich parents super,super nice.
                        SHE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER
                                                                        THE END
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