Alaska was rescued from the Norton pound in 2011. She was just one year old then. In 2012 she met Tugger a 2 year old Husky. In 2013 they had puppies, the rest will unravel itself...

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Chapter 1.
Alaska, town dog.

Alaska, town dog.

When I got Alaska when she was one year old.
I never even knew I was getting a dog.
So it was a complete surprise when I woke up in the morning and saw a husky lying in a dog bed in the kitchen! She wore a DITSY bandana ( Orange with white spots.) and her hair was brushed.
She settled in right away and in about a month I found out my sort of boyfriend Bailey had a husky too. Me, Bailey, Alaska and Tugger went on walks together, to the park, to the beach and to the pet shop down the road. Life was good, until Alisha arrived. Alisha was in my class at school and lived beside me. She was this awful podgy girl with mousy hair and coloured braces.
My mum and Alisha aunt worked together so Alisha came to my place sometimes.
I wanted to hide in my room with Alaska and listen to music but mum made me take Alisha too.
"This is such a weird room. What is that colour on your walls, its like blue. And the smell, its like a dog or something. And what is that thing! Its a wolf! " she cried.
Alaska was lying on her beanbag, she tilted her head watching as Alisha ran off screaming.
5 minutes later mum comes in with Alisha's mother.
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Comments (2)

This is awesome!! I can't wait for the next chapter! I found a couple errors, but they are subtle. Great job on this book!
on September 04, 2017
this is a good story. Did this story happen in real life
on January 23, 2014