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can you go a day without your phone?
I can't tbh I'm addited lol
8 / 3 by HPLOTRFangirl
Do you think that young kids should play video games rated T and up? Why or why not?
What do you think? Should little kids play Rated M games? Or do you think it's not appropriate? Let me know what you think. Make sure you tell why!
3 / 0 by SmashPrincess
What Kind Of Electronics do you Have ?
Tablet ? Computer ? Phone ? Speakers ? ( The little ones Like the Beats one ) Headphones ? Ear bugs ? What do you have ?
5 / 0 by Quizzyyy
What are some funny gaming easter eggs?
OK, first of all, I know about the Majora's mask cold.Link glitch, but any more funny ones? I need them for an episode of The Double Dare Duo.
1 / 1 by breann.west.5
Games for Mac?
Recently i found this really cool online game called Mabinogi and the best thing about it is it's free and the art style is anime! Normally I would sign up but a. I have a mac book AIR and it doesnt run on mac and b. its a lot ...
1 / 0 by NeonTiger
What is your favorite video game of all time? (1)
From Mario to Pikachu, let's take a look at your favorite video games of all time. What do you guys think?
5 / 0 by ThatGuyDylan
What's Your Favorite Video Game?
Mine is Pokemon. I caught them all god dangit.
4 / 0 by Foxy_The_Amazing_Pirate_Fox
what video games theme song is the best?
#1 video game question
4 / 3 by BobbyTheMob
Xbox One or Ps4
The 2 new gaming systems have been out sadly I do not own any of them :( but which do you prefer?
5 / 0 by BobbyTheMob
Any ideas to get money?
Well, I need money for a new ipod, so here's the story... I got it in december 2012, then I dropped it and it cracked in April 2013, then I got it fixed in July 2013, then I lost it or it got stolen at a party, in August 2013, ...
3 / 0 by Hogwarts_Huntress
Why is my ipad doing this?
I want to save a picture, but I can't because the 'save image' option doesn't come up!
3 / 0 by hesitantalien
I Need Help- My Headphones!
I was on YouTube just now, and I was trying to listen to something. The volume was up full, but it was really quiet. Music sounded fine, but If someone spoke in that clip, their voices sounded weird, like they were popping and ...
6 / 2 by HermioneGranger
placement of air conditioners!
hey guys..actually i was doing my homework and i had this question,"why the air conditioners should be installed above the level of the windows". i REALLY need help guys!! :/
2 / 1 by eeeee
Which evee evolution is best?
The options are evee, umbreon, espeon, vaporeon, glaceon, leafeon, jolteon, flareon, annnnnndddddd, if you are a Pokemon lover you will know thissss..... THE NEW FAIRY TYPE EVEE EVOLUTION!!! YAHOO! If your as exited as I am abo...
7 / 2 by Rainbow_Bird
who has their own laptop/computer?
my mom is giving me my Dad's really old laptop that I broke one of the keys before. but now she is not because my stupid dad couldn't find the DVD for it and the help paper. just wondering if you have your own laptop.
10 / 5 by madix1
How do you change your Google + photo?
I've been having alot of trouble finding out how. PLEASE HELP!!
1 / 0 by Awesomer32
which is better,a iphone,or a dsi?
i want both but my mom said i can only get 1 for Christmas so which one should I get?
13 / 15 by midnightshine8
Crazy & Funny :D