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Chewing stims?
So, I chew to stim sometimes but I don't have any chew stim toys for it. I tend to bite my lip, the sides of my mouth, the tips of my fingers or my shirt instead and I need to stop. Any way I can improvise one until I get...
0 / 0 by sodagalactics
Hey middle schoolers! Do you have an a alarm clock
Do you have alarm clock? I do... it’s my mom
3 / 1 by hansedak000
Anybody still have a toys r us open by you?
2 / 1 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
What do you think being homeless is like?
Can you get hurt while doing a split?
What's the worse thing that can happen- how can I avoid that happening- oh I'm trying to learn how to do the split
3 / 0 by Hurrivoi
Are you depressed?
It is the time we help each other and eliminate depression Literally
3 / 0 by All_hail_Melon_King
What if trump turned out to do good things?
For example, he refuses to build a wall but a strong border and he trades with Mexico etc.
3 / 2 by All_hail_Melon_King
What is Life? (2)
4 / 1 by PrincessLuna1
Do you guys know about Mardi gras?
You know. I'm just curious.
2 / 0 by Seggie
Why are they no Hillary protesters?
Is this the reason why The Trump supporters are peaceful?
1 / 0 by All_hail_Melon_King
When can I start dating?
I am 12 and almost my class has been dating but me i have been asked out a couple of times but i refused so i was wondering when is the best age to start dating...
6 / 10 by SillySantaSausage
Do you believe that Cheese is an element?
Do you believe that Cheese is an element? Why or why not?
5 / 4 by Kat2005
Has anyone else noticed that we are all insignificant specks on earth?
Has anyone else noticed that we are all insignificant specks on earth? We are all just emotionless slaves to the system, our 'society' if you will. Have you ever wondered why they told you that you are 'special' as a kid? When,...
12 / 10 by TheDiBZ
what would you do if a girl whom was dying was getting bullied?
bully:ha ha, has cancer leaked into your brain cancer girl: stop it,please (what would you do )
11 / 7 by moemoehearts
what would you do if a girl with cancer wants to be friends?
and she is dying
60 / 201 by moemoehearts
What is your favourite miku song?
Miku is my favourite Vocaloaid character, what is her best song in your opinion (Mines wanna die)
9 / 1 by moemoehearts
Who wants to know why we have years?
Crazy & Funny :D