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How can I learn the Hawaiian or Korean language easily?
2 / 0 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
How do you describe your school?
Well I’m curious like always
8 / 14 by BatimGal11
Does anyone have a teacher that taught one of your relatives before?
Yes I do and it’s my social studies teacher. He taught my mom in the eighth grade and also taught her siblings.
4 / 4 by BatimGal11
Has anyone ever told you, "You look like Beyonce"?
Uh, someone that wasn't me?
5 / 3 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
Which elective did anyone get in middle or high school?
It’s just like an school activity you do like drama, band, or whatever. I mean that’s how my school calls it!
8 / 14 by BatimGal11
3 / 4 by AndreaGC
What color are you lockers at school?
If you have them
14 / 3 by Broken_soul
How much school do you have left this year?
Knowledge for college to make you ballage
6 / 6 by King_of_Derps
How do you get through a Crisis?
Ok, let's face it. We all go through a crisis at some point in our lives. How do you survive it?
1 / 1 by LeiaLegacy
What language do you know or want to know?
Funny school moments
What funny and weird things have happened at your school or your friends.
3 / 1 by Broken_soul
Is Ice cold?
Most students (and many adults too) think that the hand feels cold because the “cold” from the ice is penetrating the skin. Actually, the hand feels cold because the heat from your hand is leaving your skin and moving into the ...
1 / 0 by Iris17
Why do GCSE's exist?
Im doing my GCSEs this year and i cant even go on qfeast much because they are sooo hard! Im just always doing revision like come on!
0 / 0 by ScentedJasmine_101
When do you go back to school?
I go back to school august 18th. How about you?
6 / 6 by Crimson16 it normal to twitch...ALOT
Ok I need your opinion on help cause my dad told me twitching is not normal and that I need a therapist. So please tell my why it's not normal :<
3 / 1 by Lime_kitty112
What's public school like?
Specifically, what's the American public high school system like? What's the best thing about it? What's the worst thing about it? How much homework is usually assigned? Is the workload realistic? I hear a lot about American pu...
8 / 7 by vive_la_revolution
What do you think about the loud noises in the sky?
Its just mind boggling
0 / 0 by sniper
Which subject (school) are you most struggling right now?
Also, what specific class is it? For me, science has never been a hard subject for me, but I am struggling in chemistry right now. I am interested to hear what other people have a hard time with.
7 / 1 by magicalmonique
Crazy & Funny :D