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What are some tv shows yall r binging?
i just finished re-binging modern fam and I'm bored again
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Whose Your favourite Character from Seven Deadly Sins?
I don't really have a favourite , but what about you??
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Whats your childhood anime?
I grew up with InuYasha and Kikyo still remains my favorite character. What anime movie(s)/show did you grow up with, what were you favorite characters?
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If you could bring back ONE cancelled show, what would it be?
There were a lot of good shows out there that sadly got cancelled, and we miss them. If you had the choice to bring one of them back, which one would it be?
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Do you watch MHA/BNAH?
I'm a fan and all. My favorite ship is BakuDeku. :) What about you??
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Autism representation??
I need a show with a character that's not a cis, white straight male as the only autistic character and it doesnt center around the autistic character. Please.
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Have you seen Erased?
It’s such a good anime but everyone I ask says they’ve never seen it. Currently it’s available on Netflix so if you haven’t seen it watch it on there. I’d say it’s a thriller anime. If you have seen it share your thoughts here!...
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What is a good anime to watch?
I’ve already seen most of the mainstream animes like Black Butler, full metal alchemist, naruto, soul eater, my hero academia, Hunter x Hunter, fruits basket, one piece, SAO, attack on titan, etc I’ve seen some of the less pop...
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Recomended tween shows?
So I want to find a new thing to watch but can't find anything good. It has to be something on netflix and or hulu (cause that's all I have lol..) also when you recomended it please tell me the plot :p (incase you don't know wh...
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What's your Favorite spring 2018 anime?(so far) (Excluding S2 ,3 like TG , BNH)
Spring 2018 has so many good anime. It has all kinds of genre like drama, romance, slice of life, yuri, comedy, psychological.. What's ur fav? Mine is definitely Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
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Who's your favorite character from the 100?
do yo like the eeveelutions
plz tell us u do
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Is it like a normal thing for people to have a crush on Dr.Stein? (Soul Eater)
I know FOUR people that I got to watch Soul Eater, and they ALL said that they have a crush on Dr.Stein? Is this a normal Soul Eater reaction or are my friends just weirdos?
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Which TV shows are you currently watching?
What's your favorite fairytail character?
Fairytail is my favorite anime of ll time, and I just wanted to see what people's favorite characters are!
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What is your Favourite anime? (2)
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How much Anime have you seen?
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What is the scariest/saddest/most disturbing PSA or PIF you've ever seen?
For those of you who don't know, a PSA is defined as a message sent out to the pubilc, most commonly on TV or billboards, that tells people about issues.
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