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Have you seen Erased?
It’s such a good anime but everyone I ask says they’ve never seen it. Currently it’s available on Netflix so if you haven’t seen it watch it on there. I’d say it’s a thriller anime. If you have seen it share your thoughts here!...
4 / 8 by Mrs_Bakugou_You_Hoe
What is a good anime to watch?
I’ve already seen most of the mainstream animes like Black Butler, full metal alchemist, naruto, soul eater, my hero academia, Hunter x Hunter, fruits basket, one piece, SAO, attack on titan, etc I’ve seen some of the less pop...
5 / 0 by Acrylic
Recomended tween shows?
So I want to find a new thing to watch but can't find anything good. It has to be something on netflix and or hulu (cause that's all I have lol..) also when you recomended it please tell me the plot :p (incase you don't know wh...
2 / 0 by Blue_star
What's your Favorite spring 2018 anime?(so far) (Excluding S2 ,3 like TG , BNH)
Spring 2018 has so many good anime. It has all kinds of genre like drama, romance, slice of life, yuri, comedy, psychological.. What's ur fav? Mine is definitely Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
1 / 1 by Hikari_Chan
Who's your favorite character from the 100?
do yo like the eeveelutions
plz tell us u do
1 / 0 by realeeveelutions
Is it like a normal thing for people to have a crush on Dr.Stein? (Soul Eater)
I know FOUR people that I got to watch Soul Eater, and they ALL said that they have a crush on Dr.Stein? Is this a normal Soul Eater reaction or are my friends just weirdos?
1 / 0 by Herbal.Tylenol
Which TV shows are you currently watching?
What's your favorite fairytail character?
Fairytail is my favorite anime of ll time, and I just wanted to see what people's favorite characters are!
3 / 1 by Lucky_the_whatever_26
What is your Favourite anime? (2)
4 / 1 by The_Mad_Hatress
How much Anime have you seen?
3 / 3 by The_Mad_Hatress
What is the scariest/saddest/most disturbing PSA or PIF you've ever seen?
For those of you who don't know, a PSA is defined as a message sent out to the pubilc, most commonly on TV or billboards, that tells people about issues.
4 / 6 by SmashPrincess
Have any of you watched shadowhunters,  if so who's angry about Joceyln's death?
I can't believe it! Why on earth did they kill off Clary's mother? She never dies in the books and one of the most lovely chapters in the book series is Joceyln and Luke's wedding which I was really looking forward to seeing p...
1 / 0 by shezeg
How do you think Supernatural is going to end?
what do you think about kimi ni todoke(from me to you) will it have season 3?
I think it is the best series of anime ! I have searched and found out that it may have s 3. What do u think?
0 / 0 by Hikari_Chan
What is your favorite anime? (8)
I just wanted to know.
9 / 1 by Lucky_the_whatever_26
Crazy & Funny :D