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Which would be better to cosplay from BNHA?
Okay so We have this Comic con thingy and i wanna cosplay really bad. And I want to do from BNHA. I don't know whom to cosplay. help please? I actually uploaded a pic which slightly shows how I look . My face is a bit round an...
2 / 1 by SHIRAZURE
Good books, high or medium reading level, annnd does it have an AR test?
Does anyone else have to have an AR goal for school? If you don't know what that is--- ignore it. It's fine. I like all genres so you can recommend anything that you liked
3 / 3 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
How would you pronouce this?
Look at picture
10 / 8 by Derpyderpjuice
What's your hogwarts house?
On Pottermore, I was just sorted into Ravenclaw. I don't know why though, I don't see myself as one but hey, the hat has spoken. So, out of curiosity, what's your house?
6 / 6 by Casual_Red
do you know what I coiuld use as names of warrior cats?
if you do, It can be a kit, an apprentice, a warrior... also tell me the pelt color. thank you.
5 / 1 by Lilystar04
Do you like Latias?
Latias is the sister of latios and is the cutest!
3 / 3 by Starlight_the_crusader
Do you like Latios?
3 / 5 by Starlight_the_crusader
Does anyone have a cool name for a device
I need a device in the story I am writing but I can't think of a good name for one. I want it to act similarly to the pokedex from pokemon.
1 / 1 by SanskittyPunz
Does anyone have a good name for a kind of monster? I also need a name for a device.
This is for a story that I am writing btw
4 / 4 by SanskittyPunz
Who would like to be part of a story?
If kingofderps joins she will automatically be granted placement of queen. I will be making a thumbnail and a group for the story.
4 / 3 by Jrenner
Does anyone know "I have no mouth and I must scream"?
0 / 0 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
Christ is not a religion. He's a friend. Amen?
Favorite fantasy movie/novel/anime/manga?
For me it's akagami no shirayuki hime!
1 / 1 by SHIRAZURE
Why is Mario Kart used in every fluff fanfic ever?
No, i, serious. Why is it this game and no other, that shows up in fanfiction when the author wants the characters to bond. Did Nintendo make it illegal to write about any other game in fanfiction? O_o
3 / 1 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
Do you think that Harry Potter is much better than Lord of the Rings?
I think Harry Potter's better, honestly. Lord of the Rings is a bit boring!
6 / 0 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
Why do you think Harry Potter is a build for seeker?
I think it is mainly his dad...
2 / 0 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
Pet peeves in fanfiction?
Just curious, what irritates you the most, just really grinds everything inside of you, that shows up in a ton of fanfics?
3 / 7 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
What could I do to improve the challenge?
If I decide to start it back up I want to know what I could do to make it better. I KNOW I MESSED UP LAST SEASON
2 / 3 by Derpyderpjuice
For The Challenge which of my characters do you like?
Everyone I had was: Derp, Punkleton, Ryan, Thomas, Wynq, Barrb, PomPom, Deedge, Alex, and Hewkii (I'm using this as a note for who should return in other seasons)
7 / 10 by Derpyderpjuice
Voting time read description
These are all types of stories I like writing but I’m wondering what you would like to read. Vote for your two favorites out of these choices. 1) c.y.o.a (choose your own adventure) 2) romance 3) crime 4) Yandere simulator 5) s...
3 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
Crazy & Funny :D