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Why do most people like the color blue?
7 / 5 by FlawIsNotA_Weed
The League of Writers
I've created a google classroom called 'The League of Writers' where those who enjoy writing can go to enter their topics to help get criticism from others who like to write. There will also be story contests there so I hope yo...
1 / 0 by AngelicPhoenix
D you guys know any good books?
I'm so bored XD
9 / 2 by Living_Garbage
Should Hayden and Charlotte be a couple?
You know, Hayden Campbell and Charlotte Butler from my story (Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend). I've been procrastinating it, but I'm not sure. Opinions?
1 / 1 by Helpless
Warrior Cats: Do you think Lilywhisker was the one who killed Badgerfang?
An idea suddenly came to me: What If the reason Lilywhisker was in the Dark Forest was because she was the cat that killed Badgerfang? Well, Su claims that Lilywhisker went to the Dark Forest because she couldn't accept her fa...
1 / 0 by dragonrider789
What is your favourite subject at school?
My favourite is English
4 / 0 by Boristhewolf.batim
What is your favorite book? (4)
4 / 2 by HermioneCahill
How. Do You Finish Or Eilt A Story On Wapppad ?
On a phone
2 / 2 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
Plot Ideas Please For This Story!
I'm making a story called Bone Of Wars... I need some help with the plot here is some description ideas.. Ideas/In my Head About- 1* Main Character Is A Girl 2* Earth is going to be ended (not sure about this one) 3* Bones ...
1 / 0 by llHasleyll
need cute nickname like lily (lilypad) rose (rosebud, rose petal)
please comment a name with a nickname like the top.
3 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Which Is The Best Thea Sister ?
Is It Nicky , Colette , Violet , Paulina Or Pamela ?
0 / 0 by pearly123
Can you guys give me some writing prompts?
I've been wanting to write but I can't think of any good starts. Can you help me?
2 / 0 by kishinsouleater24
What do you think of the character Brambleclaw?
Tell me about the warriors cat Brambleclaw, I'd like to know what you think! Please and Thank you!
2 / 1 by Raarrr
Have You Read Eragon?
Have you? Did you like it? Who was your favourite character?
1 / 0 by Kat2005
Has Anyone Read The Leven Thumps Series?
It's a really good series and i was just wondering if anyone else has read it... the author is Obert Skye
0 / 0 by Cashmere
Any Fanboys Out There?
So, as all fangirls know, fanboys are an endangered species... just looking for some to be friends with :) (i was so proud of myself when i got my friends Grant and Ethan to start reading PJO- fanboys in the making!)
2 / 0 by Cashmere
If you could be any Warrior Cat, who would it be?
For Warrior Fans, so what Warrior would you be? I don't think I can pick, this will be tough...
5 / 0 by Newskitty
cinderella doubt
according to the tale her dress, chariot and everything else will turn back into wat it was. but why didn't the glass slipper turn into its original form?it even reached its true owner after a lot of checking. i am sure the clo...
2 / 0 by rosalie13hale
What type of AU's would you like to see?
So, for stars and Gods, we were wondering what AU's you'd like!
2 / 3 by Furry_Ass_Crusty_Ho
Which Warriors cats arc is the best?
Crazy & Funny :D