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Is That Safety Shoe Protects Me From Accident?
Planning to some safety shoes in order to prevent accident. Please leave some suggestions on my confusion.
2 / 0 by bobbyadmas
A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?
Here its a case of a vendor and some toffees. Now its your job to guide him to earn 20% profit by selling them Can you help him
0 / 0 by Harsh_i
What's the coolest thing you can think of?
Send me a picture of it plz!
3 / 1 by ion.133
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Some people like money and getting things they need, but some people are also very good at sharing and helping out! So what would you do if you ever had a million dollars?
6 / 1 by GoldPing
do you like being specific?
2 / 0 by SuperSupperDog
if you could get a million dollars that you can't spend,would you still want it?
Would you keep money you didn't use would you want it?
4 / 0 by TwistedGrim_EMI
major EOS lip balm problem!
Ok, me and my mom went to Costco a couple of days ago and I currently have no EOS, AND i saw a five pack of EOS and I went like CRAZY! but there was two sets and both of them were almost the same except... one had a blueberry a...
7 / 4 by Iamawesome23172
What stuff did you get for Christmas?
I got: - a Target Dog plush - a new tablet - a zebra case - $55 for Google Play - $100 cash - a reindeer t-shirt - the Roleplay Guide - a coconut on the beach t-shirt - a snowman t-shirt - a beanie and lots of other stuff
10 / 8 by Fearless
Do you buy or sell?
Are you a seller or a buyer? Purchase items or give away items?
2 / 0 by BobbyTheMob
What's the best way to get what you want?
I'm just curious about how people get what they want, some do tricks while others just ask even if they don't get it. How would you guys get what you want?
3 / 0 by Skyheart
What would you do for a Klondike bar
Can a penguin live in Canada not in zoo?
I really want to know if a group of penguins can live in the warm weather in some parts of Canada!
4 / 0 by meep1020
can i charge for my services
hi there i have always protested about buying shop named carrier bags on the grounds that i i am advertising for said shop or store by carrying that bag please could you tell me if i am in the right and are there any laws in pl...
1 / 0 by tez56
Sugar, Pepper,Chilli or salt?
which do you prefer most.
4 / 0 by KittyZ
Entrepreneurs Day Help Needed!
See at the end of every term here at my school, we have an entrepreners day. This term it's not my go- it's my sister's turn. It's in about 11 days and we have no idea what to sell... it could be anything but it needs to be uni...
8 / 9 by Beauty784
Where can you buy felting wool?
I saw this cool craft online but I don't know where to by it. Please help! :)
2 / 2 by idkomg572
Where can you buy La Brasiliana Dieci?
What you getting people for Christmas?
Plz answer I'm really curious! Mine: Mum - Trading places DVD and blue green and red and other colours Christmas jumper Dad - PS3 gun and James bond game Sister - onesie Brother-in-law - everton golf giftset Brother - coloured...
3 / 0 by Sary16
Crazy & Funny :D