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What state is everyone from and what time is it?
Easy very self explanatory In derp language what time is it and what state u live in?
13 / 10 by Zoey.2
Can someone make me fan art?
No one will click this question
3 / 0 by Jrenner
Where is your favorite vacation place?
Mine was the Wisconsin Dells. So fun!
4 / 1 by Theatrekid101
What is the weirdest thing in your room right now?
who is ur favorite god or goddess?
just curuous :)
8 / 3 by Chicachu22
hello guys can you tell me a place which is worth going for a holiday.
Hello i really want public opinions for which place should i visit for a holiday. Please tell me. Plz 😏
1 / 0 by Hikari_Chan
Can someone answer this riddle?
My friend told this one to me. (I know the answer!) There was a plane crash. Some people died, and some survived. Where do you bury the survivors?
9 / 6 by DipperPinesShades
what would your last meal be?
you're arrested for stealing a bunch of mondy and you can have one last meal. what would it be?
10 / 2 by Straightajonah
What is a type of food truck that isn't seen much?
Basically what the question says. Is there a kind of food truck that you haven't seen/heard about much? If so, what?
3 / 0 by Kanya888
Will you come to the Rating page?
The rating page is full of ratings to TV shows and apps and movies and books and evreything else: even users!
2 / 3 by ellotherelove
Halloween is coming soon and my house looks really crappy! What do i do?
I spent a while putting up decorations for my house ALL BY MYSELF!!!! I love halloween but my parents don't want me to spend that much for decorations! I don't want the kids in our neiboorhood to think that i am lame, ya know! ...
2 / 0 by izzykitty
Can you tell me where I can buy this tile from?
I am trying to identify the source and price of a tile I saw in Lisbon. This is a long shot I know but I wonder if anyone can help me please?
1 / 1 by cmjones
Doesn't The Hawaiin Flag Look So Cool
Crazy & Funny :D