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If I commitsuicide, will you ever miss me then?
I always feel like that I couldn't find a better life among me...feeling like that people wouldn't care for me that much...I've been suffering from far too long...I just can't stand the pain no more...but knew that I couldn't d...
8 / 2 by sadlonelykitsune
Does anyone know ericvanwilderman?
Do you think NoMAPs should be put on the watchlist?
NoMAP stands for "Non-Offensive Minor-Attracted Person". So basically pedophiles who don't touch children.
4 / 9 by temperance
Have you guys ever had a panic attack?
Describe the attack too.
6 / 1 by Theatrekid101
Im going through puberty, what do i do? [girls only]
Im only 11, and when im really mad, my mom asks if im going through puberty, and its really embarrassing to post this, but i need advise, my mom is a jerk, so im relying on you people, and pls only girls awnswer this!
6 / 4 by EmptySoul
How are you doing today?
Hopefully your doing good :'3 You can talk about ur day because I've had the worst day and I want to tell you your life is better than mine. Raichu: I has spare batteries if uz hungry.
6 / 0 by KoopaQueen
My friends a cry baby?
I feel like a absolute b*tch for saying this, but my friend crys whenever things won't go her way, we are 12 now, and she only cries -and forces herself to cry- till people give in, is there anything i can do to stop this, I sp...
2 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
What are your thoughts on abortion?
Abortion is a heavy topic to discuss but I do want to know what you think about it. Personally I would never abort my child...Unless it would in some way benfit the child. Like if the child were to have a very critical and uncu...
3 / 6 by Crimson16
Why does every keep telling me to eat more?
everyone, (I mean everyone except teachers and my parents) Keep telling me that I need to eat more, I eat alot, But everyone is still bothering me. Is it because I am skinny?
2 / 1 by SillySantaSausage
What colour are my eyes?
my eyes are brown from a far but green up close. i say my eyes are brown or hazel but my family either says my eyes are dark green, or that my eyes are browny green
3 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Does anyone here have eczema
I have Eczema and it really hurts! Sometimes it is because of the cold but right now it is because I wash my hands to much! I have cream but it doesn't help! I have been putting it on for 3 months and nothing has changed! I put...
3 / 0 by thebest2007
what do u do if your friend turn on you?
ok so one of my friends had to turn on me what do i do?
7 / 8 by Some_dead_golden_flowers
how do i get rid of bullies?
i get bullied a lot i want to know what i can do to get rid of them plz ii got hit 1 time sO HARD i need help any avicce?
3 / 2 by Some_dead_golden_flowers
Friendship Issues?
I think during my Art class, this person and I relate more than we do out of art class. Like, we joke, talk, relate, etc, etc, but whenever we are outside of class, (we're in the same squad) we hardly even talk. Like, I really ...
1 / 0 by temperance
What are some of the things you need for a new kitten?
Hey I'm getting a new kitten, he is old enough for me to pick him up in 7 weeks time. What are some of the things I need, for his arrival.
4 / 0 by memes_and_communism
Do you feel that time goes by really fast?
i am 14 my birthday is on january 17th i got four more years left until i am 18 i know fourteen is not old but time seems to go by so fast and i feel like its not gonna be long before i am 15 time just seems to go by so fast i...
1 / 0 by maka12345678
When should children count their calories?
I have been wondering about this question fir. A while
2 / 0 by MaddieR4545
what is the worst type of bullying you have ever experienced?
there are 5 types, what is the worst that you have gone through? physical verbal cyber sexual exusion
7 / 0 by memes_and_communism
Does my daughter have vocal tics?
Hi the reason I'm asking this question is because my daughter is constantly clearing her throat and making a kind of squeal it's gotten worse since she went to high school. I don't really want to point it out or take her to a d...
2 / 2 by DaBestBeanInDaWorld
Crazy & Funny :D