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Check up!!
how is everyone?
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are you you you??
have crosh on a fictional character
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Was there any time in school when a kid was bodyshamed by teachers?
Any moment yk about it? We would love to know about that :)
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what are your pronouns? (1)
im just asking so i don't misgender you
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Why is my blood so good?
IDK why the hell i am asking this but it came to my mind first so POW!!
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What do you do if your friend hates you?
Can dogs have edibles?
There was a mishap in which my boyfriend's dog got into his sister's edibles. Should I take him to the dogtor? Or should I let him experience his first high?
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Is shallot overweight, underweight, or normal?
I'm 12, I'm 5'4 and I weigh 100 pounds. I dunno, but I certainly am NOT skinny...
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How many standard crunches can you do in a minute?
I just wanted to know. Lol, I feel like I'll be so weak after I hear your results. Lmfao Btw, the cover is just a random pic from our training centre lol.
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Would taking a whole bottle of asprin kill me
or just make my stomach hurt?
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What is one thing that has happened to you when you were born?
I have something happen to me when I was born. When I was born I couldn’t hear out of my left ear, cause a ear bone was twisted
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what is a "good mom"?
in your words, what is a 'good' mom? what traits do you think a 'good' mom would have? would she allow you to get help? would she allow you to do what you feel would make you happiest? would she be there when you need her? woul...
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If I commitsuicide, will you ever miss me then?
I always feel like that I couldn't find a better life among me...feeling like that people wouldn't care for me that much...I've been suffering from far too long...I just can't stand the pain no more...but knew that I couldn't d...
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Does anyone know ericvanwilderman?
Have you guys ever had a panic attack?
Describe the attack too.
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How are you doing today?
Hopefully your doing good :'3 You can talk about ur day because I've had the worst day and I want to tell you your life is better than mine. Raichu: I has spare batteries if uz hungry.
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My friends a cry baby?
I feel like a absolute b*tch for saying this, but my friend crys whenever things won't go her way, we are 12 now, and she only cries -and forces herself to cry- till people give in, is there anything i can do to stop this, I sp...
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What are your thoughts on abortion?
Abortion is a heavy topic to discuss but I do want to know what you think about it. Personally I would never abort my child...Unless it would in some way benfit the child. Like if the child were to have a very critical and uncu...
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