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Favourite fast food and why?
2 / 2 by DarkSpite_Spark56
What is your favorite kind of cookie?
I was eating a cookie and just randomly thought up this question.
9 / 16 by ToriTheShark
how many very specific tacos can you fit in your..TUMMY ?
this i8s a tummy taco talk circle thomvfdjhtusjb
4 / 0 by Unknown_User
Medical side of qfeast, send help?
I might have an eating disorder and I don’t know. I haven’t felt hungry in months and it’s not from “Oh I’m well fed!” I literally do not feel if I get hungry or not. I eat anyways just in case but I’m still concerned.
3 / 0 by Orange.Soda
Do I have an eating disorder? (tw?)
So for a while, almost a year, I’ve noticed a major change in my eating habits and I’m worried it might be a disorder? I usually go for ate without eating— usually two-three days, but some of my episodes of fasting can last up...
2 / 0 by NiaLaBeada
The fortune cookies didn't cook right
I'm bad at cooking, but I was trying to make something special because I'm worried about other things going on in my life. The recipe looked so easy. There were six ingredients. I MESSED UP ANYWAY. Issue: The cookie came out of...
1 / 0 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
Is there organic jam?
That a thing?
3 / 1 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
Who likes cookies in starbucks? Or anything in starbucks?
Please say yes!
3 / 3 by starbuckscookiesss
What's the most disgusting thing you've seen on Kitchen Nightmares?
Does anyone like ice cream sandwiches?
Does anyone love butter?
Well I thought of this since it’s due to my page called “Butter Club”
3 / 4 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like sweet potato fries?
I’ve seen it a lot like in crab places where you could order it
5 / 8 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like garlic?
Well I just thought of this since I’m right now in a place called Gilroy and it has lots of garlic
4 / 6 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like California Wok?
Well it’s pretty good
1 / 0 by BatimGal11
Does anyone love the Ice Cream Lovers Unite page?
I do and I subscribed there! Well I didn’t made the page but thank Luigi25 for making a fun page if you want to try it out!
3 / 3 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like P.F. Changs?
I’m eating here and I thought of this question
3 / 2 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like the kings Hawaiian French toast in Ihop?
There so good trust me if you go there!
1 / 1 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like hot and sour soup?
Well this is shown in Chinese restaurants!
3 / 2 by BatimGal11
Does anyone know Doordash?
It's basically an app where you can order food instead of getting it! Look up more information to know it more!
1 / 0 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like Ice in their soup?
I don’t because my grandma does that when she cooks soup!
10 / 20 by BatimGal11
Crazy & Funny :D