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Do you like my dinner today?
It was very good.
0 / 0 by Pitampura
What's your fav drink and dessert?
gois jus answr dis.
9 / 3 by shallot
Is chocolate licorice the same as black licorice?
My grandma just gave me licorice I asked her "is it black licorice?" but she said its chocolate licorice and I wanna know if black and chocolate licorice are the same thing. they taste alike.
3 / 0 by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
Pineapple on Pizza.
Does it or does it not belong on pizza? Discuss.
8 / 2 by sapphic
What was your favorite food when you were a kid?
I think when I was a kid macaroni and cheese,hot dogs, pizza and spaghetti might of been my favorite.
1 / 0 by anime_rabbit13216
what is catchup?
i thought it was a condom but i keep being told its not a condom but what is it then? arent condoms like stuff you put on burgers and hot dogs and fries? thats what i thought their saying but im confused now please help >O<
1 / 1 by Kasuzu
What is your favourite treat to order from Dairy Queen?
If you like Dairy Queen or have a location near you, that is. My favourite treat to order from Dairy Queen probably has to be either their royal strawberry cheesecake blizzard or their new cake shakes (strawberry to be specific...
4 / 4 by cairngorm
Do u like tacos
Meh like tacos
5 / 1 by Tacos
WHats ur favorite Fast food?
9 / 7 by Queenofshadows
What is thoughts on Mangoes?
2 / 4 by
What is The best food in your opinon?
I love cheesecake personally Thats just me CHeesecake is delish! Someone: *has cheesecake* Me: *Walks over and takes cheesecake* I may... Have an addictoin... heehee
8 / 18 by
What is your favourite food? (1)
4 / 0 by maka12345678
What is your favorite food? (5)
Everyone has a favorite food! Whats Yours?
9 / 0 by YandereAyono
Favourite fast food and why?
7 / 9 by DarkSpite_Spark56
What is your favorite kind of cookie?
I was eating a cookie and just randomly thought up this question.
11 / 17 by ToriTheShark
how many very specific tacos can you fit in your..TUMMY ?
this i8s a tummy taco talk circle thomvfdjhtusjb
4 / 4 by Unknown_User
Medical side of qfeast, send help?
I might have an eating disorder and I don’t know. I haven’t felt hungry in months and it’s not from “Oh I’m well fed!” I literally do not feel if I get hungry or not. I eat anyways just in case but I’m still concerned.
3 / 0 by Orange.Soda
Do I have an eating disorder? (tw?)
So for a while, almost a year, I’ve noticed a major change in my eating habits and I’m worried it might be a disorder? I usually go for ate without eating— usually two-three days, but some of my episodes of fasting can last up...
2 / 0 by Cameron.Boyce
Crazy & Funny :D