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Jeff and I are cutest couple right?
Jeffie and I love eachother so mych more than u would ever love me or Jeff and no one can stop our infint love >.<
6 / 9 by Peachy.Princess
Do you like Creepypasta?
I do because Jeff is a creepypatsa and he loves me and teaches me how to shove peaches down people's throats lol
6 / 5 by Peachy.Princess
Do we need communism?
I don’t have an appendix and I think it’s unfair that some people do. Do we need communism to solve this issue?
3 / 4 by Cameron.Boyce
Why isn't my microphone working?
Here is everything that came with its still brand new but it's not producing any audio. Does anyone know why?
1 / 0 by Jrenner
When you turn your phone sideways, which side is the home button on?
I like to have it on the right side. Just wondered if anyone else had a preference
3 / 2 by Cashmere
How to fix broken Power cable cord? Its far worse then the pic
Not my picture, but is a problem
2 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Which is the best selling console ever and which the second best selling one?
Would be nice to provide some numbers
1 / 3 by ghostman
how do you log out?
makeing new acount. i miss the anomictronic, but will upgrade it.
2 / 0 by manglelovestomakequizes
What is your favorite time of day?
which computer would you prefer Apple or Microsoft?
does your device come from Apple or Microsoft? (subscribe)
3 / 0 by ChocoLove139
Nentendo 3DS Help?!
I have had my Nentendo 3DS for maybe 2 years now, and it's been glitchy. When I go to put my Game Card into the game card slot, I try to push it down but it won't stay in. I have to use tape, and sometimes, the tape comes off,...
1 / 0 by Gameboi
which would you rather have or fight with a knife or katana/sword?
knifes are better for consiling but swords/katanas get a deeper and possibly cleaner cut question number 4 (couldn't find a pic of them side by side)
2 / 0 by musiczero13
Winx Club:Which Gown Do You Like?
Which winx club dress do you like?
5 / 0 by animelover264
What's wrong with my iPod charger?
Alright. I have an iPod 5. I go to charge my iPod, and it starts flickering of charging and uncharging. I use a case from i-BLASON. I use a brick for it. I have tried unplugging and plugging it back in. Taking off the case and ...
2 / 0 by BlueTurkey
Some of my friends are making plans without me, and not including me. Does that mean something?
My friends and I are all now on different teams and they all have at least a friend from that "group" that we had last year, while I'm alone without friends from the group. They've started making plans without me. And don't inv...
2 / 2 by BlueTurkey
Why does my device go dutch??
OK First of all i tried to type up it, but iT came up with iT and iT wont let me type properly!!! Trust me iT took me 20 to do iT, Do u have an idea to stop my device being dutch? COZ i would REALLY like that.
1 / 0 by Kittylove
Crazy & Funny :D