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how can i upgrade usb ports on hp e-pc 42
I have 1.0 usb ports and would like to upgrade to high speed.
0 / 0 by rlcorbin
Book character crushes?
What are some crushes you've got on book characters? Who? For me, Mowgli (Jungle Book, yeah I know it's weird, but read the unabridged version and you'll see) Gideon (Hatching Magic by Ann Downer. Yes it is a kid-ish book ...
25 / 22 by elainezhang21
who loves the hunger games!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i LOVE the hunger games!!!!!!!!!!! they are the best books EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
36 / 22 by quizqueen
what is your fav color
name any color any at all be creative don't just say like purple say it more like differently you know where i am going with this right well answer me
21 / 8 by lizzie554
who wishes there could be another hunger games book?
if u had resturant what would u name it?
id name mine hungry for hunger games? ok i know its cheezy but resturants serve cheeze! this would be my billboard below if would like give a billboard give a link thx 4 reading
7 / 2 by austinandally81
What would be your Dream Job?
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Please don't post if someone already posted your answer, just "like" theirs!
12 / 7 by pikaaa
does air exert pressure?
2 / 0 by emily2098
WHat is your favourite type of pie?
So what is your favourtie type? If you do not have a favourite becauswe you either hate all pies or love all of them tell me that too!
10 / 0 by pandalovertothemax
is it normal to see any separation between the barrel and the handle on a 2012 easton xl2 baseball bat?
its right where the black rubber piece meets the barrel. i did not know if this was normal or a defect, it showed up after only about 90 swings.
0 / 0 by murdocks
When you kno a guy likes u (like, 100% sure) what do u do? (Girls)
A boy at school likes me and i kno it and i dont know what to do and how to act around him. I dont like him. I usually act normal around him. But wat should i really do? Should i keep it up? Plz help ppl!
10 / 30 by singer4eva
How do i confirm my email address if i have accidently deleted the email qfeast sent me to confirm it????
i am stuck because now that i cant confirm my email address, i cant send messages to others on qfeast! PLEASE HELP ME!!! if you help me i will rate 2 of your quizzes 5 stars and i will follow you. PLEASE HELP!!!cx kj '
8 / 6 by saycheese
what is the maths answer
volume of a cube is: 4.5m x 3.5m x 300mm = 4725m If i need to buy sand bags to cover the cube at 5m2 to a depth of 100mm. What is the answer please.
1 / 0 by susie
who is more talented zendaya or bella thorne?
Who is your favourite hairspray character?
I personally loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Penny but I want to know who you like.
3 / 0 by pandalovertothemax
its challenge to you.
see image and write answer hint-- you need to know multilanguage skill.
4 / 0 by imamit596
Does he like me? Or is he moving away?
We have only known each other for about a month. At first we would text all day everyday. As time went on we started text less and less. Now he doesn't really text me fist anymore. I do know that when we meet it was christmas b...
4 / 1 by Bubbagirl135
What would be a good cat toy for a 10 year old cat?
I was wondering what jungle gyms and toys are good for a big cat. Perhaps someone can post links to a few good products! Thank you in advance
14 / 9 by remus2009
Crazy & Funny :D