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OCs - A Guide
If you write fanfiction with an original character, chances are you're worried that people might consider them a Mary-Sue. If you've even taken an "Is Your Character Overpowered" quiz or asked someone whether or not you can pai...
55 reads 19 readers 5 profile storyby DaNerdBird
Revengeful Story
This is a novel that I begun writing a while back and now I'm hoping to finish and publish.
3 reads 2 readers 2 profile storyby Cxntendite
Written in the stars: Cercavo Amore
This is the story of a young girl who has always been interested in the stars of our night sky. She longs to find out what is written in the stars and she will not stop until she does. Her best friends help her in this journey ...
32 reads 5 readers 22 by ThatAnimeGirl
Harry Potter Characters on Facebook
Just some random story I thought i'd post to hold everyone off for my 2nd Generation one.This has ALL generations.
382 reads 66 readers 19 by Moony
Outcast (2)
Beasts, humans and Vampires alike. All lived happy, until one day they decided it was time for change.
17 reads 7 readers 0 by Picture_Of_Words
A thank you to those special few.
I just wanted to say thank you to the people who have had a real impact in my life. These guys are extremely special to me and i wouldnt know where i would be without them
75 reads 14 readers 25 profile storyby ThatAnimeGirl
Last hope
In one final struggle for Earth, two great friends are offered great power, beyond that of God's. When power is against all, we achieve higher.
15 reads 6 readers 8 by SpinnerFTW
Darkest Era VR
Five friends, play a game together. A game that takes into itself. But something goes wrong and they get stuck. And know it's their life or their death.
46 reads 11 readers 31 by SpinnerFTW
How to Write Wonderful Descriptions
Do you struggle with describing things in stories? Do you need to add more detail? Well, this story will help! It will give examples and tips on how to make your descriptions awesome!
24 reads 14 readers 2 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Fangirl Wars
Who is the biggest fangirl on Qfeast? In each chapter, I'll be interviewing over PM a different candidate known to be a big fangirl of someone or something, and when I have enough chapters, I will have you guys comment on who y...
55 reads 21 readers 5 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Silver Arrows - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
"Night will face silver arrows in snow, The odds shall be evened by the Proclaimer's foe, Hunters and campers divided by Strife, And the truth will precede the first loss of life."
23 reads 5 readers 12 by DaNerdBird
This Is It (1)
(The apocalypse! Woahh!) A story of how Mobius breaks out into a zombie apocalypse and how our heroes throw themselves into dangers and more to survive and find the cure. Who will survive? Only time will tell.
207 reads 20 readers 44 by sapphirethehedgehog
Forget Me Not (Sapphire's end)
A small girl who grew up with the wrong crowd, had been broken by abuse and misery was soon healed by the love of another. Ups and downs have occured in her life but each time she has been able cope and recover due to love. In ...
190 reads 24 readers 36 by sapphirethehedgehog
Who will you fall for?
__ has moved from her original home to a quiet little village called 'Snowfall'. Her main goal after moving in with her mother and puppy, Lucky, is to make new friends and to fit in. But will this clumsy girl find more then fri...
33 reads 18 readers 0 by sapphirethehedgehog
Pain Can Be Pretty
A city under constant darkness must fend of wave after wave of attacks from mutants, big and small. However some are more fit for this than others, two teams of super humans have been used to help. But one man, knows more than ...
17 reads 8 readers 8 by SpinnerFTW
Mobius Chatroom
The people of qfeast are having a great time with the Sonic gang as you can see! If you want to be next then just ask me in the comments :3 and in case this blows up like the last request thing I did JUST ONE EACH PLEASE
202 reads 37 readers 106 by sapphirethehedgehog
U high
This is the BIG book of mobians who go to Universe High. Some are Oc's and some are original. If I re-color them no hate please! If you have rude comments keep it to yourself. Still,I don't wanna hear it. And,if you want your O...
352 reads 24 readers 46 profile storyby toughwolf3
Paused in Time
Your story, your choices. What will you choose? What is your destiny? Find out.
23 reads 14 readers 13 by sapphirethehedgehog
Bree x Kokiri!Reader (LEMON)
Hello there, I actually wrote this. Why I did? I have no idea. Enjoy, my perverted little readers~
22 reads 16 readers 6 profile storyby breann.west.5
The Future Of Mobius
Eggman has finally conquered Mobius! He has turned almost everyone into robots! Will some brave friends be able to stop him and return Mobius to its original state?
379 reads 43 readers 77 by transformers