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The Splitting Info Page
The whole world was split in half. Land and Water. The land is inhospitable and the sea is a safe haven with a towering wall sectioning off the two. No one is allowed inside the wall...the land is forbidden.
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Qfeast Vocaloids
This is for the...QFEAST VOCALOIDS! Tell me which Vocaloid you wanna be. We can rp, write songs even and whatever else.
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HI, WELCOME TO CRINGEFEST! Here is where we "celebrate" everything cringey! Post links to parts of cringefest, and post pictures of cringey stuff too! Enjoy (though there is a 90% chance you'll die of Cringe). Rules: 1) Please ...
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AKB0048 RolePlay!
Its gonna make it into a profile page innit... Oh well! I felt like i had to put my tribute for 00 out so here it is! And AKB0048 roleplay page! If you are an 00 member already (e.g @Atsuko_Maeda_15th_Acchan is well Acchan. And...
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A Qfeast Christmas
We're going to celebrate Christmas! The Qfeast way! This is a page to post some Christmas pictures drawn by you! More info on the page!
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The Last Stand RP
The outbreak of the undead started a year ago today... Humanity's numbers have since dwindled down to nearly nothing... Between mutants and zombies, can our heroes and heroines continue their fight? Or will they meet their end ...
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Game Night on Qfeast!
Welcome to Game Night on Qfeast! Each day, I will be asking one question and you need to get it right. If you do, you get points. If not, you always have next round. The goal is to win the most points. These questions will be R...
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HP vs. Twilight
This is a page where Twihards and Potterheads can battle it out over which fandom is better! If you request a membership, you need to know a few things. I will state them now: 1. You will need to state if you are a Twihard or ...
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girls just wanna have fun
this group is a room where you talk about girl stuff and no guys are allowed.
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The 500+ followers page! ^_^
This is literally just for people that have more than or equal to 500 followers; I just recently joined this group myself. :)
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100 Followers Page
So, if one more person follows me, I will have 100 followers. Then I will consider myself 'popular' on qfeast. This page is for all those peeps who have 100+ followers. If you do have 100 or more followers, ask for membership a...
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Miyuki and Leo's Wedding Prep
Miyuki and Leo are getting married. @GreekfromBirthandMobianatHeart and I need as much help as we can get. So please help us plan the wedding.
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mermaid rp
Be a mermaid or a merman in the wonderful ocean and remember to have fun! :)
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This is a page to RolePlay on~ If you want to join ask to be a member and fill a fourm~!Make sure there isn't a lot of lovey dovey things, remember these are infamous murders were talking to and being. ENJOY~ Fourm- Name, Age...
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Fan Fiction Boot Camp
Welcome (or not) to fan fiction boot camp! Qfeast is not known for it's fan fics, and we must help with that! I will post prompts, and you must write a fan fiction according to the prompt. If the prompt is not for a fandom you ...
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Join this Page Now!!!
I am trying to get the whole Qfeast to join this page! Please do!!! I will do something for you if you do!
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A page for BFFs
Well as the name suggests this is for the people with BFFs so join and chat here wit your best friends discuss new trends and everything and please specify your best friends name in the request to be accepted . @RoseHeart , @Ja...
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Sonic rp.
Yes now I got off my lazy a** and decided to make one. Okay? I felt left out. Anyway do whatever you please on here but if your going to be a hater then take it somewhere else. kk later haters.
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Humanized Mobians
Here you can play a human version of your Mobian! Or you can just post pics of them. :P
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Sonic Antis
This is the page for all sonic antis, whether you live in the blood dimension, or basically anywhere. ANTIS ONLY! Oh and enjoy the pic of Sonic exe
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