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The orphan Girl - broken
A story about Mistrust , beating and bit of love. From my quotev account issyscotty!
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The Life of being a slave
A extended (much hopefully) version of The slave and will include cool details past lives ect. Look at the youtube which is on my page, and enjoy! :) Give credit to a girl who gave me a great idea when I thought all was lost .....
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Rouge mates
She runs away from her home into unknown territory. In this world there is nothing such as true mates, just one lady wolf who submits to anouther, the man gets to choose. She runs into rouge territory, and meets 'the wolf'
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Poems about wolves
My fav poems about wolves. Beutiful and I hope you enjoy them. Maybe I will write one
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Ok this is based on a dream I had. Yes a dream!!!! So basically Silver lives in a world were your partner gets chosen by picking a ring.
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Awesomer123 gave the beggining of "I have to hurry to get to History class before the bell rings! Along the way, I didn't plan to stop at the bathroom, but when I heard my name I did! This is my story of it
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School for the rich and the clever
Our school is called The school for the people of the new age. But really we are split up into two sections. The rich and Posh, or the clever. I'm new and I am super rich but very clever. They've put me in the clever side. This...
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Love story
two people training to be guards in a wworld.... which will be explained in the intro fall in love
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Love? Danger? Prince? Assassin?
The title really explains what the story about Cassie and Adrian is about. Cassie a Assassine and Joe is the prince. He will be the king of sandolan.Sandoline is the country which magical creature excist in!
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Slave part 2
Hi this is because of all the commenters asking for more. Next is about the running away
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The story of the slave
The second book in my slave series come to this link to read it! Oh and it isn't all being a slave it also includes parts from the mortal instrements so werewolfves and shadow hunters
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Casey is sold and bought. Enjoy please! I hope you enjoy please read. Give some advice
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Along came Harry
Jennifer Blue is a Beautiful, Slender and lovable Model from Leeds. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Harry Littlewood, a Muscular, Handsome man with a passion for Love. Jennifer takes an instant disliking to Harry and...
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The story of the lost city
I made this up and I hope u like it!!! I am so excited to write it. I will update as much as I can!
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Foxfaces story
Foxface was a tribute from district 5. She was sly and sneaky. This is her story
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