Love? Danger? Prince? Assassin?

Love? Danger? Prince? Assassin?

The title really explains what the story about Cassie and Adrian is about. Cassie a Assassine and Joe is the prince. He will be the king of sandolan.Sandoline is the country which magical creature excist in!

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Chapter 1.


Authors note: The picture is of cassie and her point of view. The chaptor titles will be names

I sit up and find myself still in the dark Elkin, the place where I work. I sleep on the creeky bed and its black thin blankets. It is mid december 15 days till Christmas. My hands have great blistors on them and my feet are blue with the cold. I know I have to get up but I cant get rid of the whip noises which Haunted my dreams. Sun is not out of the windows and it is pitch dark. Even in summer when I wake up it is not light. I havn't seen light for 1 and a half years. I was sent to Elkin to mine. The pickaxe they give to me isn't a good idea since I am/was a trained assassin. Thats why I was sent here. Most people die after two months but I am not dead. I am blessed with good looks but you cant see it though the thick layer of grime. I slip the rag of an outfit and the ruined mess of my shoes. I head out with my crew as I call them. Really they are the people who make sure I dont try to escape or kill anyone.

Before we reach the mines a group of men which look like the king's guard galloping toward us. The crew stop and so do I. normally if they had stopped I would have ran but with the guards on horses it doesn't seem sensible. I mock bow to them and say "What do I owe the pleasure,"
The head guard ignores my sarcasm and says "You need to come with us,"
"Why?" I ask
"Dont ask questions,"
He gets off his horse and tells the men to lead me to the palace. They ride with us while we walk to the palace. It is a small stone building in the middle Elkin. It's a place where they stay but since they never come it is nearly never used.
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I love it! Mooooore!
on July 30, 2013