Rouge mates

Rouge mates

She runs away from her home into unknown territory. In this world there is nothing such as true mates, just one lady wolf who submits to anouther, the man gets to choose. She runs into rouge territory, and meets 'the wolf'

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Chapter 1.


^^>>^^>> Pick is Chris
I ran away from the pack house at top speed in wolf form (cover pick). I knew if I ran fast enough and got to rouge territory they would not follow, because I would be a outcast, a rogue. I jumped over a fallen log and then I was in the territory, free but dangerous land. I slowed down my heart beating fast and shift into my human form fully clothed (we can do that if we imagine the clothes before we shift). I find the bag I had dumped there days before, and put the makeup on and slip the knife into my pocket. I change my shoes so they are more sturdy and go walking to see what I can find. I studied the map days before. This is a massive wood with - hopefully- some houses inside. It is so big though and I dont have a clue where to start so I go north. My pack will have gone home by now, and will have declared on the 'post' that I am an rogue, and therefore to be treated with extreme caution. I believe there are about 150 rouges in this forest, about 100 male. I one finds me I am stuffed because at that point they can claim me, or try to. In a pack there are certain rules about mating but here there are none.
True mates don't exist, the humans got it wrong. We get chosen by the males, not a moon goddess. If I was still in a pack I would have had to mate to an alpha, so I could become a Luna. My dad would have arranged that, but now I have no one. I jump into a tree and lie there trying to get some sleep.
***after some sleep***
I wake up to whispers about 200 metres to my left. I look and see some men, laughing and joking running towards me.I start climbing higher and soon they are right below me and one catches my sent and looks up. He nudges his friends and they all gaze at me.
"Take a picture and it will last longer,"I say the sarcasm seeping into my voice.
"You're new, whats your name," The biggest one says. My name is Seleana, but I'm not going gonna say that incase it could be used against me.
"Bambi," I say.
"Come down here, " and I do climbing then jumping. Talk about checking me out. They are literally eyestripping.
"Well Bambi, I am, Christopher,  King of the rogues," He says. KING OF THE ROGUES. He is danger in human form.
"Cool, suppose Ill see you round then," I say, before walking off in the other direction.
"Wait," He says and I stop "Do you want some food? I've got some in my backpack,"
"Yeah, Ok," and I walk over. I grab a sandwich, an apple and a cereal bar.
"Want a place to stay?"
"No, thanks. But Ill see you around." I reply. I wouldn't risk it with them
"Meet me here tomorrow so I can check up on you," He says.
"Yeah sure, c u then." and I walk off. About a mile ahead I get a text from Dad.
Where are you? If you come back I won't say a word. I reply:
Sorry can't do that. I love you. Goodbye.
Ok, Ill post the news up. Don't wander over here, I won't be so forgiving.
I turn off my phone. No second chances now, I'm on my own or with chris. I walk further going through dense trees and stop when I see a house and Chris outside. That must be one of the houses. I decide to stay in a tree, near so I can see and here them. I drift off to sleep again wondering what will happen next.
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It continues right? Please say it continues, It's freakin awesome ^-^
on April 09, 2015
Omg so goooddddd
on June 15, 2014