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The Fighters -Full Story
This is the full thing for all the parts and all plus this was requested.
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A New Life (1)
This is book two of Love Of Pokemon Trainers.So I hope you enjoy.No mean commets.Commet if you want more .
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The Outsiders Sequel
This is my school project so far.I want us to know why I'm so busy.So anyway enjoy.
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The Fighters Part 5
This is part five.I really tried in all of my part of this.Not my fualt if auto correct make the words wrong.Anyways enjoy the story
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The Fighters Part 4
How will our heros react to one of them dyeing.How will the new character feel ? I hope you enjoy.OWN NOTHING BUT PLOT.
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The Fighters Part 3
Hello and here is part 3 of this story.We get to see our characters past that I have so far.I DON'T. OWN ANYTHING BUT PLOT.
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The Fighters Part 2
New people and ravils along our heros way.But what happens when the siblings join our heroes.
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The Lonely Girl (1)
Hello again and you guys wanted another story so I'm making this one.One Day there was this girl who was lonely and she didn't have any friends and her father abused her.Her life changed when she met a boy named Blue.Please com...
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The Fighters - Part 1
Hello again and this is a story that people's characters live in a town with good and bad thing but what will happen when two closest friends betray.This is a Many parts to this.Leave a comment if you want more.
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Hetalia X Reader One Shots
This story will have many characters so please don't worry if your character you want isn't in this if you guys and gals like this.Hope you enjoy.Requests are open.
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Two Different Lifes
Hello me Sky and I'm working really hard on part two on you kown the one after my Smash Bros Stories.Well this story going be about two friends one poor and on rich but do they fall in love or not.
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Levi x Reader
Hello and this story is about Levi the titan killer falls in love with the reader remember this is going to a SHORT story and please NO HATEFUL COMMENTS.
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The Love Of Pokemon Trainers
Hello me Sky here and here a Adventure-love Story of you and Red enjoy and please don't say anything hateful in the comments.
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The Princess Of The Sky Part 2
This is the part 2 of my story of "The Princess of the sky and like I said once I felt better I would make a part2 so enjoy.
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How Bullying Is Not Cool To Do ?
Hello and I hope you like this story I made because it talks about how to handed a bully what people's experience is.
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The Princess of The Sky
Hello it me Sky again and here is my third story and this has nothing to do with Super Smash Bros Characters ok this is a story about a girl who was born with powers of the sky but she hunts for her real parents enjoy.P.s will...
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Super Smash Bros Characters Love Stories part 2
Here is part 2 of Super Smash Bros Characters Love Stories with two more characters tell me what characters Would you like to me to make a love story with and enjoy.
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