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This is an UnderTale AU I made up where Mount Ebott doesn't exist, and all the UnderTale characters are imagined by Frisk.
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UnderPOV (point of view)
So you may have seen Revery do this and your right she has XD she wants me to do one too since I've played ut as well so as her disclaimer goes, go play the game if you haven't unless you want spoilers squid!
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The Adventures of Ace, Zeal and Candy
well this is a story that takes place in Revery's series Falling dusk involving her character Ace the velociraptor meets my character and Reverys other character candy and how they take him in but theres more to it than that, ...
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Don't Want To Go Back (Reader X Various)
You- a human- fall into a mysterious portal that sends you into the sonic universe. You miss your family but the question is, "Do you REALLY want to go back?" The pictures do not belong to me. All the credit for the pictures g...
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Before I was pet...
In this Story, I will reveal the secret I was holding the longest. The life of puppyhood! Enjoy! ^-^
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This is going to be about my Tmnt (teenage mutant ninja turtles) OC zidern about how and when he changed
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Sonic/Pokemon adventure.
This is where we got sent to the pokemon dimension and yes I have played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explores the Skies so I know what I'm talking about.
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FNaH; Five Nights at Hell
Hey yo! Swift Element here! And welcome to an all new series! This is an FNaF story that I hope you all will like! So, enough chitter chatter! Let's get reading! Plus, ALWAYS READ THE A/Ns THEY ARE IMPORTANT.
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Corpse Party - Tortured Souls [Read Description]
[Be warned: What you are about to read may appear as just an ordinary Sonic story at first, but it contains a LOT of horror, blood, and gore, just like the original Corpse Party anime. Read at your own risk! With this in mind, ...
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Sonic OC couple stories
If you want to be in this with the guy you want then just comment asking. Make sure you put down the guys name and your OC's name. Also if you have a idea of what you want to happen in your story then just let me know :D
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The Future of Mobius [Jackie's Story]
One of the few to remain a Mobian, discover Jackie's side of the story before the event began, how she founded the Dauntless Mobians, and her life being the leader in a world where most people are now robots.
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My opinions on things in Sonic.
This is just things that are MY opinions! So if you wanna know my opinions on something just leave them in the comments.
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Qfeast Monthly New Year
This is the biggest QM of the year! The naming of the Qfeast mascot and the Qfeast Awards!
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Another friendship tale.
This is about six friends and yes the whole title kind of tells it all.
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Things you may not know about Leat the Cat
Here I'll put facts about My Sonic OC, Leat, that you may not know. Based off of @KameoRose's story. (though hers is probably more interesting. Read it if you haven't already)
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Five Nights At Freddy's - Sonic Style
"Make your sorrows go away, Time for fears to fade, A jolly night here thou awaits, No use to call for aid." Who will survive the five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? Who will be taken as victim?
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My Sonic fan characters.
These are some of my friends as Sonic characters. Some of them I've mentioned before. :)
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The Unforgotten Tale of Nightmare Moon
Princess Celestia, a graceful princess from the royal family that everyone loves and adores. Princess Luna, a silent princess from the royal family that everyone ignores and forgets... A story about Luna and how she became Nigh...
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