Another friendship tale.

Another friendship tale.

This is about six friends and yes the whole title kind of tells it all.

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Chapter 1.
Where it all begins.

Where it all begins.

Cassie's P.O.V.
We were all super excited. Show choir. Well at least most of us were in show choir. Also known as me, Abbie, and Alexis were in show choir. We were all practicing dance moves for Dance With Me Tonight and Cruisin For A Bruisin and we still had to learn 2 more songs to compete nationally. Also the band six appeal was coming which was an awesome accepella band. I hummed Don't Stop Believing and sat by Abbie on the sepreno side. Alexis sat on the alto side drawing something on a piece of paper. Our teacher showed us where we could improve and we did so.

After school we all met up at the church in the middle of town. I loved being with my friends and having fun. Abbie and I said good bye to Michael and we walked to the church. Abbie brushed a piece of her blonde hair out of her orange eyes. "Lets head to the bowling alley," Allie sugested. "What about the park," Julie sugested smiling. Everyone sugested ideas except Alexis who was quiet as always. Whenever we were at parties Abbie and I try to break her out of her her shell. I asked her about her family and I sort of wished I hadn't. I looked at her. "What do you wanna do Alexis?" She shrugged looking down as always. "Water park," She muttered looking at us. We all nodded. "We'll need to get our swimsuits first," Aj pointed out. "We'll all meet here at 4:15 to go to the water park," Abbie said. We all nodded and looked at each other. Alexis got on her motorcycle, Julie rode in her car, Aj ran off, Abbie turned into a bird and flew off, Allie skated off, and I rode my extreme gear board to my house. We all went off in seperate directions.

When I got to my house my chao Bubbles came up to me along with Alexis chao Crystal, Julie's chao Sparky, Allie's chao Flare, and Abbie's chao Joy. Aj's chao Spader was asleep. My friends lets their chaos at my place and of course I didn't mind. I changed into my swimsuit and smiled. Spader looked at me confused as I fed the chaos but they knew how to take care of themselves. I grabbed my towel and other beach stuff and left.
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