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What negative things do you think about yourself?
Not including physical appearance, such as "I'm fat" or "I'm ugly", what negative thing do you think about yourself (possibly resulting from something someone said to you)?
27 / 12 by tomboysquirrel
Wich is your fave oc x oc couple?(sonic)
Yeah i dont really like the oc x sonic character,cause it makes problems and u know... But i like the oc x oc couples,Its much better So comment wich is your fav and why
1 / 1 profile questionby ZodiacAnimeFreak
What is Your Favorite Pokemon? (1)
I love Pikachu, that goes without question.
5 / 0 profile questionby melodrama
Do you own your own Sonic character?
I am mostly asking this because if YOU want then I can add you as a guest in my one of my quiz series. :) but if don't that's fine to.
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