The Adventures of Ace, Zeal and Candy

well this is a story that takes place in Revery's series Falling dusk involving her character Ace the velociraptor meets my character and Reverys other character candy and how they take him in but theres more to it than that, also this story will now revolve around a few other characters instead of just ace

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Chapter 1.


He was cold alone and had no idea where he was going, Ace had just escaped from a facility where he had awakened from a very long sleep. At first when he woke, they spoke a strange language he didn't understand at first but he slowly learned and began to speak it himself. Soon after he learned about technology and what they  were using his blood for, as soon as he had learned he had waited and escaped as soon as he possibly could from this advanced race called the Neyatene. They were rather hideous beings that were reptilian that had implemented a vast amount of cybernetics into their biology making them more of a mechanical race than an organic. They were using his DNA to create emotionless super soldiers for their own benefit, the soldiers being a mix of sykion races all of them hybrids, those who displayed emotions were locked away in containment to later be eradicated but a small few managed to escape long before ace did.
Ace escaped knowing that he alone was powerless fighting against the Neyatene and would most likely be killed if captured since they already had several samples of his blood. The lone velociraptor had managed to catch a few guards off guard lashing out managing to breach their defenses dodging several tranquilizer darts as he ran. He had just managed to run out of the facilities force field before they brought it online but he knew the neyatene had their ways to capturing him one that included the local sykion government. At the moment he was running through the mountains the day nearing its end, the temperature growing colder and colder with each footstep. He would have to either survive another day on his own with little knowledge of the area or by dumb luck evade capture and rest for the moment, but it was much too dangerous for him to rest feeling as if at any given moment they would pounce and capture him

Later on the scared velociraptor had managed to stumble upon a small sykion settlement, it wasn't too big and it wasn't too small, a great size town to hide in. He took one step forward to exit the mountains when all of a sudden he heard a loud SNAP behind him "AAAHHH" he screeched and fell backwards, a gentle voice spoke slightly alarmed "woah, buddy there's no need to be frightened" he looked up to see a grey wolf with black hair wearing a coat that was zipped up, grey bottoms and what looked like makeshift leggings that seemed to mimic boots on a human but didn't because the feet were entirely exposed. he looked up catching the brown eyes looking down at him with worry "you aright? you look like you just ran a marathon?" the velaciraptor hesitated but soon spoke after catching his breath "i uh er..... its a-a long story that I can explain to you later" he didn't feel like he could trust anybody yet "alright, your a strange looking guy but hey i know a ton of strange lookin sykions myself incuded" he chuckled but quickly stopped taking note of the poor birds shivering "hey you look really cold" ace responded "i-its nothing....." before he could speak the wolf was already wrapping his coat around him
"there that should keep ya cozy pal" Ace took note of the wolfs hospitality "come on we should get you indoors" the wolfs ears pricked up hearing sirens in the distance, before the bird could respond the wolf had hefted him up in his arms and carried him into the town "why are you being so nice to me..... I-I-m a stranger....." "its called being polite bud" he walked up to a small house holding ace in his arms. The front door opened and a small pink bunny rabbit walked out to greet them "Hey sweetie, whos that?" the wolf was about to speak but was interrupted by ace "c-could we please wait on introductions.... I-im freezing...." the wolf and rabbit nodded and walked inside closing the door behind them

Once they were inside ace slowly took off the jacket and hopped out of the wolfs arms "w-well i guess i should introduce myself..... I-im Ace" the wolf nodded "I'm Zeal Gadget, ZG for short" "Candy Cottontail" squeaked the rabbit "thanks for t-taking me in" "dont sweat it me and my mate are always willing to help" spoke Zeal "Yup, being kind is always the right thing to do" Candy said "most of the time....." Mando retorted "er..... right..... u-um.... i-i dont have a h-home to stay at...." the couple looked at each and nodded both understanding each other without having to speak "thats alright" Zeal said "you can live with us" Ace took a step back "y-you sure? i-i dont want to be a bother or anything...." Zeal put a hand on the birds shoulder "hey its alright, we gotta guest room next to our room" "thanks...." Zeal turned to Candy "could you show him to the room?" she nodded "follow me" she walked down the hall and he followed "ill be back in a bit i still have a few things i need to get done" Zeal walked outside closing the door behind him "s-so that wolf is your mate" Ace asked Candy "sure is, he acts like a tough guy a lot but deep down he's just a big lug" her voice had a slight irish accent "oh.... well thanks again for taking me in, its very hard to find good people these days...." "your welcome" she said as she opened the door to the guest room "well here it is" she smiled as he walked inside, the room was a nice decent size, the bed being just the right size since Ace was above the standard height of a normal sykion "if you need anything just call out" she turned around and shut the door.
Ace walked over to the bed and immediately jumped into the blankets getting comfortable "so waaaaaaaaarm......" he groaned finally being able to rest his tired body "those two are very nice.... maybe living with them won't be so bad" he smiled and rested his head on the pillow "anything is better than the neyatene...." he slowly closed his eyes and drifted to sleep as Mando had just returned
"so you really wanna let em stay here huh?" Candy asked "if he was a bad person i would've sensed it, but he seems like a good person just scared" "alright, he stays" the wolf smiled "yay" "just keep an eye on him please" she spoke "can do" they both gave each other a hug and a kiss and went to sleep shortly after in their room
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Such an amazing story and love Armandy connection in it as well, good job, my good sir! I had a blast reading it and I hope there is more to come! ^^
on January 10, 2016