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Simply destroyed p teaser
Years have long passed and Luna has changed. What did they do to make her turn against them?
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Simplyy destroyeddd
With Luna's transformation complete what will happen as she enters her new life as a pasta?
7 reads 6 readers 3 by Bri.DROWNED
Simplyy sweett
Luna made her choice, her life though is another matter will she go through with a decision chosen that was written for her by destiny?
6 reads 5 readers 7 by Bri.DROWNED
The Twist Simply sweett part 5
As Luna's place falls in and she begins her training can she manage to rember L.J or will her heart slowly fall for another?
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Simply sweet l.j. Loves pt four
Luna seems to have no trouble picking her choice and she seems to have her decision already planned
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Simply sweet part 3 L.J. Love story
Luna is awake and L.J. And her both seem to be having too many thoughts to control and Luna has a tough decision to make, one that leads her to destiny or death.
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Simply sweet! Sweet can't part 2
What happens when little Luna wakes up from her slumber? Will it go good or down the drain?!
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Simplyy sweett part1
What happens when L.J meets his match when a candy store robbery goes wrong what will change?
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