Simply sweet! Sweet can't part 2

Simply sweet! Sweet can't part 2

What happens when little Luna wakes up from her slumber? Will it go good or down the drain?!

published on August 16, 20166 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Simply sweet

Simply sweet

Luna pov.

    Ughh! Was my first thought as I sat up. My head was throbbing like a baseball that just been hit with a bat. It was then that I looked around and took notice of my surroundings. I was in bedroom it was colored black with a couple random white  or grey stripes here and there, there was a window on the far side that was rusted shut it had long  silky grey curtains draped off of it. An The dresser and closet looked huge! I swung my feet around and went to stand an was immediately jerked backwards. I spun to realize that I was chained to the huge silver/gray bed! Like seriously who the hell even does that! I pulled and jerked on the chains until I finally seemed to get that i wasn't going to anywhere, so I sat on the bed and stared at the roof.

~~~~~~~~~~~~timeskip brought to you by Jeff murdering a family~~~~~~~~~

Still Luna pov

Well, well, well look who's up! I about jumped out of my skin. Swinging around I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw the handsome clown. Umm....hi? I said slowly. Who are you? What am I here for? Why am I here?? I spat out seemingly quickly. Wanting to know why and what reasons I was stuck to the bed for. I watched as the clown leaned in. He let out a low chuckle. Demanding aren't you? But if you really care to know the reason you are here is because I want you to be. You want me to be here?! That's your excuse for keeping me here?! I have school and family and friends and other things I have to do! You can't keep me here just because you feel like it! I have a life! I practically screamed at him. Oh? You do?? I wouldn't have noticed. His voice is laced with heavy sarcasm. I let out a huge sigh witch apparently to him me being mad is the Funniest thing ever cause he lets out a long burst of laughter. This isn't funny!! How is this in anyway funny?!  You can't keep me here! I yelled. I watched as the clown walked forward he seemed pissed now. He leaned forward dangerously close and whispered in my ear oh but my sweet I can you belong to me now nothing else matters.

.......what?? I asked I belong to myself! The clown let out a huge laugh the mark on your arm says otherwise sweetheart. I looked down to my arm and stared at the tattooed ink on my skin that said LaughingJacks Do NOT touch! ~ LJ

I looked back at him and simply said why? He let out a chuckle and said that's for me to know and you to dot,dot,dot.

Ik it's the famous Salvatore line! XD I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while I'm trying to do my best will upload again asap! Shoutout to all my readers thanks for reading if you have any suggestions feel free to comment them! - BRI Drowned
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