Simply sweet part 3 L.J. Love story

Simply sweet part 3 L.J. Love story

Luna is awake and L.J. And her both seem to be having too many thoughts to control and Luna has a tough decision to make, one that leads her to destiny or death.

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The chance of a lifetime and meddling in thought

The chance of a lifetime and meddling in thought

Luna pov....

2 hours after waking

I sat staring at the new engraving that I hadn't felt, or even known about until about thirty minutes ago... gently tracing the burning skin that was still slightly bleeding drifting off Into my own thoughts.  Thoughts of things like
Why me?.... does he wants a plaything? Why my am I here? Finally the realization kicks in even if this guy is cute.... he's crazy! Letting the thought run wild through my head I screamed, loudly, HELPPPP, PLEASEE, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, HELP! A sound of  quick paced footsteps thundering in the direction of the door made me stop. L.J.  Threw the door open, glaring at me, do I really need to sew your mouth together?! Stop your yapping! I can't have the police beating on my door before I get you turned. Confusion muddled my brain, turned? I looked at him with a darkened expression of confusion upon my face turned I asked, turned into what? L.J. just looked at me an laughed, and the laughed not quite understanding what was so funny I looked at him like he was insane. He finally looks at me into a creepy-pasta of course, I wouldn't have taken you if I hadn't of thought that you had any potential, you have the chance to be something more than a human rat that nobody cares about. I'll give you a choice, if you can willingly leave behind the life you have now and forfeit it to be one of us, be with me then you live, if not you can go back to your pathetic little home and risk being killed by one of us.

What?! I asked... he glanced at me and said you have a decision to make my lovely, laughing he turned out of the room looking back once before slamming the door closed a low click running out to say that the lock had clicked into place. Leaving me drowning in my newly given decision and thoughts.

L.J pov

Hopefulness and happiness struggled to win out a point in my head, attempting to figure out wether or not she would stay or not putting an ever weighing question down on me with tremendous pain..

Why do you even care?! I silently screamed to myself just forget it. If she goes she goes and we get to enjoy a good hunt if she stays she stays and will teach her how to become one of us properly! Know stay out of my head you worthless pathetic caring fool of a forgotten clown! I shrieked internally at the old me. Finding  the girl had brought him back into play again and the thought of it made him angry. Picking himself up he trudged out the door grabbing a pack of poisoned lollipops and intending to lower wrath upon lots of little children and hopefully set his mind back into what was supposed be happening.

I'm sooooo sorry that I haven't updated, but school is getting harder and there has been a ton of drama that I've gone through so I hope you like the chapter and I should update again soon

Love y'all! 🌊 Bri Drowned 🌊
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