Simplyy sweett part1

Simplyy sweett part1

What happens when L.J meets his match when a candy store robbery goes wrong what will change?

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Candy Gone Wrong

Candy Gone Wrong

Luna pov

       Me and andria just rounded the corner. She was nice, nice enough to show me around town. I had just moved to the little town of Blanche. It was pretty big, but it was small enough to hear all about the murders that had been going around.
A Murder town yay! Just what I needed. People are killed left and right it would be completely weird if you didnt hear of a murder the next day.

~~~~~~~~~~time skip brought to you by E.J eating kidneys~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Luna pov

     Im heading out!! I yelled to my mom. Dad was still at work, the whole reason we moved anyway may I add. Ok! She yells back. Ok so one left. Two rights. Left, left right. And left again.  Yes! I smiled largely at the sight of the candy store that I had finally reached.  The doors swung open with a loud ding as I pushed them. Looking at all of the great candy like I was in heaven for the first time. Lollipops and all kinds of others on the aisles. I went straight to the lollipops my favorite!

------------------time skip brought to you but smile dog trying to kill grinny---------------------
Luna pov

Still in the candy store. I heard a sudden screaming. Turning I saw a tall guy laden in black and white clothing, he had a cone nose, and to top it off long shaggy black hair.  'Omfg!! He's sooo cute!!' Was the only thing going through my mid as I watched the strange guy offer the store clerk a lollipop. I watched as the clerk slowly accepted the candy curiously. The guy in black and white watching the clerk intently like he knew something was going to happen. Then,  as he finished the lollipop, the clerk hit the floor. Writhing, screaming, and more surprisingly laughing. The man in black and white sat and laughed, and laughed like it was the funniest thingg he had ever seen. Then he swung around and I froze. His eyes locked dead onto me. "Well, well well he said what do we have here?"  " I'll just have to take you with me you've  already seen to much. I would kill you but your kinda cute." Omg. His voice is like the sexiest thing ever. Wait!! What am I thinking!! He's trying to kidnap me!!

And then I went black...

That is the end of part one be sure to stay for  more parts to come!!

        Bri Drowned🌊
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